Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Juan Shi

Abstract: A hardware implement scheme is proposed based on digital signal processor, and the complex programmable logic device and industry standard...

Authors: Bai Zhong Wu, Bin Gao, Rong Song

Abstract: The use of rule-based reasoning technology can realize the intelligent selection of mold standard parts when designing injection mold. In...

Authors: Chang He Li, Zan Fang, Yi Cui, Y.C. Ding

Abstract: Additive processes can be defined as layered manufacturing, based on the dispersed/accumulated principle, Layered manufacturing is directly...

Authors: Yu Rong Nan, Yong Feng Li

Abstract: In tandem cold mill, a strip is flattened by stands of rolls to a desired thickness. In the process, there exists thickness disturbance and...

Authors: Yan Wang, Feng Gao

Abstract: A theoretical model of temperature for electrical discharge machining (EDM) is established. Based on finite element method, the distribution...

Authors: Qian Luo, Duan Min Lu, Jian Luo

Abstract: In this paper, a new welding experiment is studied by applying an additional longitudinal electromagnetic field to CO2 welding process...

Authors: Yong Gang Kang, Zhong Qi Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a new efficient iterative algorithm which named flexible iterative algorithm (FIAL) with a general approach suitable for...

Authors: An Ming Li, Meng Juan Hu, Xiang Jie Wang

Abstract: Influence of sub-temperature quenching temperature on the strength and hardness of 65Mn steel was studied by orthogonal regressive...

Authors: Dao Hong Wang, Bing Yan Jiang, Chun Peng Chu, Yi Shan Deng

Abstract: The melt fluidity of the two typical plastic, including polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene(PE), are studied in the different mold with the...

Authors: Song Xue, Jie Zhou

Abstract: The strength ratio between two blanks of tailor welded blanks (TWBs) plays an important role in the formability aspect. To study the...


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