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Authors: Qi Cai Lin, Huai En Li
Abstract: The major problems of the Weihe River include shortage of water resources, serious water pollution and loss of water and soil. The ecological basic flow of Baoji Section, Weihe River was 10m3/s. Based on it, quantitative analysis on the ecological basic flow of this section has been done. It shows that the effect of Baojixia Irrigation water diversion on the Weihe River is the main influence factor. The guarantee measures are rational use of water resources and water saving, management and policies, and water transfer projects.
Authors: Mao Cai Wang, Han Ping Hu, Guang Ming Dai, Lei Pen
Abstract: In practical applications of pairing-based cryptosystems, the efficiency of pairing computation is a crucial factor. Recently, there have been many improvements for the computation of Tate pairing, which focuses on the arithmetical operations under given elliptic curve. Based to the characteristics that Miller’s algorithm will be improved tremendous if there are subgroups with order of low hamming prime above the elliptic curve, an algorithm of generating primes of low hamming with weight 3 is given in this paper. Then, we present an effective generation method of elliptic curve, which enable it feasible that there is certain some subgroup of low hamming prime order. The improvement of paring computation is marked above the elliptic curve generating by our method.
Authors: Xiao Ming Li, Ai Jie Wang
Abstract: The paper presents the economic comparing of heat pump using wastewater with other heating and cooling technology for buildings. The coal burning boiler, oil fired boiler, gas burning boiler and electric boiler were chosen to compare with heat pump using wastewater. A profitability evaluation of the investment in above-mentioned four projects and heat pump was carried out, using dynamic annual computation cost. In the research, the periods of time in which the investment is going to return itself were established. The results indicate that initial investment and dynamic annual computation cost of heat pump are lowest except to coal burning boiler. Therefore in current energy and environment policy, heat pump using wastewater as source is worth of popularizing.
Authors: Meng Hu, Shao Zhong Kang, Tai Sheng Du, Ling Tong
Abstract: A reflection function was established, based on leaf gas exchange process and tested with experimental data of eight kinds of plants, i.e. tomato, muskmelon, capsicum, maize, grape, onion, Haloxylon Ammodendron Bunge and Caragana Karshiskii Kom, with multifarious biological characteristic, water and growing status. The function indicated that the leaf stomatal conductance could be linearly reflected by the ratio of humidity and CO2 concentration at leaf surface, and the behaviour of its slope could be recognized as an indicator of leaf gas exchange efficiency, which had a negative relationship with leaf water use efficiency (WUE). The results maybe increase our understanding of potential influences of leaf stomatal conductance on photosynthetic and transpiration gas exchange and leaf WUE.
Authors: Ben Mei Wei, Zhi Yong Zhang, Zhi Qun Dai
Abstract: This study was aimed at the development of a green and reusable catalyst for Friedel-Crafts acylation. Firstly, Hydroxyapatite (HAP) and Hydroxyapatite-zinc bromide (HAP-ZnBr2) have been prepared by the co-precipatation method and hydrothermal method respectively. Their structures were characterized by X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) and Infrared Spectroscopy (IR). The catalytic efficiency of HAP-ZnBr2 was examined for Friedel-Crafts acylation of anisole. The results showed that the catalyst was green, high activity, high selectivity and it could be reused at least 5 times without obvious activity loss.
Authors: Xian Zhong Cheng, Cun Jie Hu, Kuang Cheng, Ben Mei Wei, Shen Cai Hu
Abstract: The thiol-functionalized eggshell membrane (TF-ESM) was prepared by esterification between thioglycolic acid (CH2SHCOOH) and oxygen-containing functional groups on eggshell membrane (ESM). A promising potential biosorbent, TF-ESM, was used for the removal of toxic mercury in wastewater. Aqueous of mercury ions removing properties by TF-ESM were studied through batch experiments. The results indicated that the modified ESM has greatly enhanced the adsorption capacity for Hg2+, the maximum capacity was increased more than 3-fold in comparison with the unmodified ESM, from 19.4 mg g-1 to 71.9 mg g-1. The optimum of pH value for Hg adsorption was in the range of 2-8, which the removing rate over 96%. The results obtained show that the novel thiol-functionalized eggshell membrane performed well the removal and recovery of mercury from low concentration wastewaters.
Authors: Chao Qiang Zhu, Lin Xiu Wang
Abstract: The long-term exploitation of mineral resources, not only destroyed the natural landscape such as topography, but also triggered a series of ecological and social problems. This paper analyzed influencing factors and process of mining waste land development based on Interpretative Structural Modeling (ISM), and found a structural model. The results told that the Government played an important role in mining waste land development. The government promotes the mining waste land development by influencing the environmental, economic and infrastructure, and makes the waste land fully reflects its economic, social and environmental values.
Authors: Zhi Rong Liu, Qin Qin Tao, Chuan Xi Wen
Abstract: Batch tests were used to investigate the effects of pH and contact time on the adsorption capability of peat. The results indicate that adsorption of uranyl ions on peat increase with increasing pH from 1 to 5. However it takes longer contact time to reach the adsorption equilibrium with increase of pH from 1 to 5. The adsorption process can be described by type 1 of the pseudo-second-order kinetics excellently.

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