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Authors: Harry Ku, Mohan Trada, Rezwanul Huq
Abstract:Vinyl ester resin was filled with of glass powder with a view to increasing the flexural strength of the composites for civil and structural...
Authors: Ho Sung Lee
Abstract:In this study, thermal responses of advanced fiber/epoxy matrix composite materials are considered for spacecraft thermal design. These...
Authors: Chen Yu Chang, Yu Jie Chang, Yung Hsu Hsieh, Ching Hsing Lin, Shih Hung Yen
Abstract:. The study combined UV/TiO2 with ultrasonic procedure to degrade azo dye wastewater of Acid Yellow 17. The effects of factors including pH...
Authors: Wei Feng Zhao, Guo Hua Chen
Abstract:Epoxy composites with nanomagnetite-coated graphite nanosheets (GNs) aligned parallel to each other within the matrix were fabricated via...
Authors: B. Sudhakar Reddy, K. Vemasevana Raju, S. Sailaja, C. Nageswara Raju, D. Sreekantha Reddy
Abstract:This paper reports on the development and the near infra-red emission(NIR) analysis of Er3+/Yb3+ and Er3+/ Tm3+ ions doped TeO2 - B2O3 – ZnO...
Authors: Robert A. Shanks, Susan Wong, Christopher M.L. Preston
Abstract:Fire-barrier performance is an important property where the polymer composite can continue to provide a barrier to spread of fire after the...
Authors: Chih Long Shen, Po Cheng Kuo, S.C. Chen, C.D. Chen, S.L. Hsu, G.P. Lin, K.T. Huang
Abstract:The Co3Pt magnetic layer with thickness of 7~28 nm was deposited onto the Pt underlayer. The as-deposited Co3Pt/Pt double-layered films with...
Authors: Hong Yan, Huang Xin, Qang Hu
Abstract:Magnesium matrix composites SiCp/ AZ61 reinforced with SiC particulates was fabricated by stirring-melt casting technique. The damping...
Authors: Xin Xin Nie, Zi Nian Zhao, Xiao Yan Cheng
Abstract:By mixing PEG or LiCl respectively into the casting solution, the polyurethane (PU)/SiO2 hybrid membranes were prepared by means of immerged...
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