Multi-Functional Materials and Structures III

Volumes 123-125

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rachasit Jeencham, Nitinat Suppakarn, Kasama Jarukumjorn

Abstract: Ammonium polyphosphate (APP) and zinc borate (Zb), as flame retardants were incorporated into sisal fiber/polypropylene (PP) composites....

Authors: Kaustav Bakshi, Hari Sadhan Das, Dipankar Chakravorty

Abstract: An eight noded isoparametric finite element code is applied to study static bending, free and forced vibration characteristics of composite...

Authors: Hui Ling Shen, Hua Liao, Chang Fa Xiao

Abstract: By means of the wet phase inversion process, the PVDF/silica (SiO2) hybrid membranes with different content of nano-silica (nano-SiO2) were...

Authors: Li Ying Yang, Shou Ren Wang, Yan Jun Wang, Bo Zhu, Lin Hou

Abstract: The fracture characterization of Ti–48Al–2Nb-2Cr composites (TANC) with addition of different weight contents of fluoride solid lubricants...

Authors: Vinitha Ranganathan, Gopinath Konchady, Krishnapillai Shankar

Abstract: The increasing demands for indigenous non-toxic friction material for wind mill application with better braking properties is ever expanding...

Authors: Myoung Keon Lee, Chang Min Cho, Se Yong Jang

Abstract: HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) UAVs are aircraft systems for surveillance and reconnaissance for over 25 hours. Most of UAVs consist of...

Authors: Song Min Shang, Wei Zeng, Xiao Ming Tao

Abstract: In recent decades, stretchable conductive polymers have gained extensive interest of researchers because of their hi-tech applications in...

Authors: Seo Yoon Bae, In Yup Jeon, Jong Beom Baek

Abstract: The solvent-based exfoliation of graphite, including into graphene and/or graphene-like platelets, is an important challenge. Here, we...

Authors: Ting Yang Dai, Xu Tang Qing, Chen Shen, Jing Wang, Yun Lu

Abstract: A simple and versatile method has been invented to fabricate conducting polymer hydrogels via supramolecular self-assembly between polymers...

Authors: Xin Cheng, Shuang Shuang Liao, Shi Feng Huang, Li Li Guo

Abstract: Sulphoaluminate cement and Lead Niobium-Magnesium Zirconate Titanate ceramic [P(MN)]ZT were used as matrix and functional phase respectively...


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