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Authors: Ji Hong Zhou, Bin Wang, Xiao Bin Zhou, Jian Zhang
Abstract:At present, the environmental risk has become science foundation and one of important basis of the environmental risk management and...
Authors: Xian Zhang Feng, Ai Min Liu, Jun Wei Cheng
Abstract:Nanotechnology has become a comprehensive high-tech subject, and will be the core in the next technological revolution times. With the...
Authors: Quan Liu, Yong Luo, Hui Li
Abstract:The microwave vehicle detection can obtain real-time conditions of road traffic flow fast, accurate and convenient. In this study, we took...
Authors: Hui Li, Yong Luo
Abstract:This text applies grey target theory to evaluate the safety of highway alignment design. According to grey target theory, many factors which...
Authors: Li Fen Hao, Qiu Feng An, Wei Xu, Qian Jin Wang
Abstract:A superhydrophobic complex coating for cotton fabrics based on silica nanoparticles and new fluoroalkylsiloxane polymer was reported here....
Authors: Hong Men, Hai Yan Liu, Lei Wang, Xuan Zhou
Abstract:Five kinds of vinegars were measured by a gas sensor array composed of six TGS gas sensors. The sensor array should be optimized by the...
Authors: Wen Long Zhu, Jian Qing Chen, Le Ping Liao, Wen Xiang Chen
Abstract:The operation speed of modern embed system has been upgraded from several hundred MHz to GHz. The signal vias through power/ground plane can...
Authors: Li Ying Wang, Wei Guo Zhao
Abstract:The cascade-correlation(CC) is presented as a neural network growing technique which allows one to gradually build network architecture...
Authors: Li Ying Wang, Wei Guo Zhao
Abstract:Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) is a novel kernel method based on sparse Bayesian, which has many advantages such as its kernel functions...
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