Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Hong

Abstract: Flexible job-sop scheduling problem (FJSP) is based on the classical job-shop scheduling problem (JSP). however, it is even harder than JSP...

Authors: Hong Bin Zhang, Zhi Xin Jia, An Min Xi

Abstract: The application of neural networks in Numerical Control (NC) machine reliability researching is introduced in this paper. Because of small...

Authors: E Xu, Liang Shan Shao, Fang Yang, Tao Qu, Xin Cai Gu

Abstract: In this paper, we present a solution developed at rough set theory and weight value to make multiattribute decision with incomplete...

Authors: Jia Guo Zhu, Jian Ping Hu

Abstract: With rapid technology scaling, the leakage dissipation that begins to replace dynamitic dissipation is becoming a major source in CMOS...

Authors: Chuan Chang Liu

Abstract: Service oriented architecture presents us with a standards-based architecture for developing modular business applications and a lightweight...

Authors: Y. Feng, D.S. Liu, Chun Hua Ju, Hao Tian

Abstract: Existing enterprise information systems seldom consider different requirements from different users. To remedy this problem, the idea of...

Authors: Guo Lang Chen

Abstract: In the practical applications, there is not only one critical path between nodes in the net. Therefore, it needs to find all critical paths...

Authors: Lu Gang Yang

Abstract: In the application of Genetic Algorithm (GA) to solve the function optimization problem, different encoding methods have different effect on...

Authors: Fang Jiang, Jie Zhao, Han Lin Ge

Abstract: Effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) approach must focus on flexible supply and production processes as well as rapidly respond to change...

Authors: Xiao Jun Wen

Abstract: As the consumptive concept increasingly matured, the product quality and the economics of quality has been an important aspect in the...


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