Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Mei Wang, Li Wang, Jun Xie

Abstract: The mistrust between buyers and sellers in C2C electronic commerce has been affecting its development. The accuracy and the reliability of...

Authors: Hui Yan Jiang, Xi He Gao

Abstract: Snakes are extensively used in computer vision and Image processing. However, when it comes to the liver segmentation from computed...

Authors: Qing Zhang Chen, Jie Chen, Yong Ming Yu

Abstract: In this paper, we used UML method to complete the whole hospital information system analysis and design. It is described the system and...

Authors: Qing Zhang Chen, Yu Jie Pei, Yan Jin, Li Yan Zhang

Abstract: As the current personalized recommendation systems of Internet bookstore are limited too much in function, this paper build a kind of...

Authors: Si Hua Chen

Abstract: Aiming at the drawback of large calculation and slow convergent speed in BP algorithm, this paper proposes a new BP algorithm with the...

Authors: Yun Yang, Li Chun Sui, Ying Lin

Abstract: Remotely sensed imagery with high spatial resolution often shows serious intra-class spectral variations and details disturbances. This...

Authors: Bo Yang

Abstract: It is necessary that formal proof for correctness of relational algebra expressions. It can effectively improve the reliability of database...

Authors: Xiang Ying Liu, Hui Yan Jiang, Feng Zhen Tang

Abstract: In this paper ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) algorithm, which is a well-known intelligent optimization method, is applied to selecting...

Authors: Yi Gang Wang, Gang Yi Jiang, Mei Yu

Abstract: In order to obtain panoramic view of medical micro-image in remote medical diagnosis system, we should mosaic micro-image sequence...

Authors: Rong Deng, Xiu Yin Zhang

Abstract: In this article an Immune Based Intrusion Detection Model (IBIDM) was built to simulate the dynamic relationships between the intrusion...


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