Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Chen, Tao Li, Xiao Jie Liu, Yuan Quan Shi

Abstract: In this article, we proposed a negative selection algorithm which based on hierarchical level cluster of self dataset CB-RNSA. First the...

Authors: Guo Xi Sun, Zhi Ping Peng, De Long Cui

Abstract: The paper introduces the current research status of image-matching question and proposes a new improved genetic algorithm. It adopts a...

Authors: Wei Li, Dong Ju Kim, Kwang Seok Hong

Abstract: This paper proposed a feasible system for language identification (LID) and designed four different GMM-training approaches to improve the...

Authors: He Li, Guo Ying Zhou, Huai Yun Zhang, Liang Guo

Abstract: Pycnoporus cinnabarinus is a plant pathogen. It is common in many areas and is widely distributed throughout the world. Laccases of are some...

Authors: Zi Dong Yang, Yu Bai

Abstract: The GUESS (Greenhouse Use of Energy Seedling Simulator) model is a lumped-parameter coupled dynamic simulation combining a carbon-based...

Authors: He Rui Cui, Zhao Wei Xuan

Abstract: Along with the deepening reform in power system, Electric Power Enterprise Marketing Management becomes an important management tool to...

Authors: Shu Nan Wang, En Zhu Hu, Ming Zhao

Abstract: Bioregenerative life support system (BLSS) is one of the key technologies that must be solved before founding permanent base in space. The...

Authors: Li Qun Wu, Ming Zhao, Juan Liu

Abstract: With the rapid development of information technology, ontology is gradually used for knowledge engineering and information science sphere....

Authors: Ping Du, Wei Xu

Abstract: The research actuality of Intrusion Detection System(IDS) were analyzed, Due to the defects of IDS such as high positive rate of IDS and...

Authors: Yue Shun He, Hong Ling Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a series of methods based on data mining theory for information fusion system in order to avoid the ubiquitous problems...


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