Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Xi Wang, Lin Xiang Liu, Xiu Zheng Li

Abstract: The watershed algorithm has been widely used in image segmentation for its characteristics of accurately positioning edge, simple operation...

Authors: Wei Feng, Guo Zong Cheng

Abstract: The basic algorithm for the parallel FFT is briefly introduced, combined with the recent years of the parallel algorithm research results,...

Authors: Rong Hu Zhang, Shu Zhou

Abstract: The paper proposed a novel methods in order to solve the congestion and routing oscillation, which based on crossover and mutation of the...

Authors: Jin Peng Wang, Ya Fei Zhang, Jian Jiang Lu, Zhuang Miao

Abstract: Integrating and querying data from heterogeneous sources is a hot research topic in database research field. The emergence of the Semantic...

Authors: Chang Jun Zhu, Bin Wang

Abstract: At present, with the popularization of higher education and acceleration of college students every year, colleges and universities are...

Authors: Yu Qin Sun, Yuan Ttao Jiang, Yong Ge Tian

Abstract: One century ago (1910), the Hungarian mathematician Alfred Haar introduced the simplest wavelets in approximation theory, which are now...

Authors: Hai Yang Zhang, Xian Wei Li

Abstract: Over the past few years, face recognition has been actively studied. Some classic methods of face recognition are introduced in this paper....

Authors: Xue Dong Du, Shuang Heng Feng

Abstract: The 3D model of mine transforms into various 2D views with hidden line removal technique, and outputs these 2D views as the standard...

Authors: Hai Dong Yu, Fang Liu, Yun Feng Luo

Abstract: The paper researched the screening model in enterprise competitive intelligence activity based on game theory. It studied the service...

Authors: De Zhi Wang, Guang Song, Shu Wang, Jin Ying Gan

Abstract: The digital evaluation indexes of production management in mine can only be obtained from statistics and analysis of producing information,...


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