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Authors: Zhi Yong Yuan, Yi Hua Ding, Yuan Yuan Zhang, Jian Hui Zhao
Abstract:A novel approach to simulate soft tissue cutting in a virtual reality endoscopic simulator for surgical training is proposed in this paper....
Authors: Hu Cheng, Guo Xuan
Abstract:During the construction of a bridge, the construction procedures may change from the originally designed procedures due to some reasons like...
Authors: Zhen Mei Li, Wen Ge Li, Jin Shen, Wei Liu
Abstract:The measurement and analysis system of nanoparticles size distribution was developed by using virtual instrument technology, while the photon...
Authors: Zhen Mei Li, Jin Shen, Wei Liu, Wen Ge Li
Abstract:By integrating network technology, virtual instrument technology, video image network transmission and web page fusion technology, the...
Authors: Lei Jin, Jun Yu Dong, Ping Ji
Abstract:Procedural texturing is a powerful way to add details to the surface of rendered objects. The Worley basis function of Cellular Texture is...
Authors: Hung Jen Chen, Hao En Chueh
Abstract:Curve fitting refers to the process of finding an appropriate function that fits a finite set of data points. Representing a set of data...
Authors: Ji Peng Lin, Jun Hua Liu
Abstract:A new type of cathode gas sensor based on carbon nanotube film is presented to analyze CO and CH4 mixed gas. The structure and measuring...
Abstract:Removed due to plagiarism
Authors: Yan Chun, Sheng Xi Li, Ya Zhou Li
Abstract:As hierarchical storage is one of the highlights in researching and realizing of mass data storage, this paper mainly describes a study on...
Authors: Chuan Dai Dong
Abstract:The Tridiagonal period Matrices, as an important tool, have much important applications ( such as in computational mathematics, physics, ...
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