Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Guang Lin, Su Ying Zhou, Lin Zhao

Abstract: With the development of the Internet, the online shopping was increasingly into people's life. In order to provide convenient search and...

Authors: Shu Zhou, Rong Hu Zhang, Yong Zhong

Abstract: The paper proposed a novel methods of Software Architecture Based on the UML and B methods in order to solve the aspects of the...

Authors: Rui Jie Feng, Hui Yan Jiang

Abstract: A novel edge-based active contour model (ACM) is proposed in this paper. Our edge-based active contour model has many advantages over the...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Guo Huan Lou, Jiong Zhao Yang, Zheng Yao

Abstract: Profibus and CAN bus are two kinds of widely used field bus in the industrial control field. However, this two bus protocol conversion...

Authors: Hong Jiang Ma, Xiang Bing Zhou, Xing Jiang Yang

Abstract: Component-Based Software Development is widely used in the software development, which focus on component composition and reutilization, but...

Authors: Li Gen Yao, Zhen Lin Dong

Abstract: Intellectual capital is the capital form of the modern corporation core competence. The authors analyzed and discussed the formation of core...

Authors: Rui Lin Lin, Bo Yun Liu

Abstract: In the progress of fault diagnosis, the most difficult problem is how to build up the fault swatchs for diagnosis for the fault of...

Authors: En Zhu Li, Chang Lin Liu, Jia Ming Liao

Abstract: Sustainable development and nano-materials is the focus of widespread concern in today's world. Nano-material not only is the main way of...

Authors: Jing Long Zuo, De Long Cui

Abstract: Most watermarking schemes in literatures are usually implemented by embedding a mark in a host media itself for intended purposes. The...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Yu Hang Zhao

Abstract: Ontology mapping is a crucial task to enable interoperation and interoperability between related ontologies. Combining multiple mapping...


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