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Authors: Yong Yan Yu, Zhi Jian Wang
Abstract: Aimed at the fact that most of the objects was symmetrical, we present a method reconstructing 3D model from single 2D image. At first, the angle, inclination angle and pivot angle should be established in the ternary perspective transformed matrix T, then the calibration which indicated the outline of the object can pick up the characteristic line. It resolved the host extinguishes information in accordance with the similar features of the parallel group of lines projection angle, then ensured the viewpoint situation and the object plane of symmetry, and made use of the object imagination plane of symmetry in accordance with symmetry feature through the interactive alignment specifying three pairs of the known symmetry image coordinates and the space coordinates of the corresponding points confirm the perspective transformative matrix T, then reverse prove the other space coordinates of the surface of the objects.
Authors: Chun Lai Chai
Abstract: Web mining aims to discover useful information or knowledge from the Web hyperlink structure, page content and usage log. Based on the primary kind of data used in the mining process, Web mining tasks are categorized into three main types: Web structure mining, Web content mining and Web usage mining. Following is what they do on Web Data Mining. This paper proposed a heuristic mining algorithm.
Authors: Yu Ling Wang, Na Shuang, Li Hua Li
Abstract: This paper expounds a billing-payment subsystem implementation and the difficulties solutions in the developing process of the subsystems through the Tuxedo middleware product.So as to provide interfaces for that Netcom enterprises establish and carry out vivid and multiform marketing strategy and financing policies,help to advance the economical and social
Authors: Ming Ye
Abstract: The proposed new fusion algorithm is based on the improved pulse coupled neural network (PCNN) model, the fundamental characteristics of images and the properties of human vision system. Compared with the traditional algorithm where the linking strength of each neuron is the same and its value is chosen through experimentation, this algorithm uses the contrast of each pixel as its value, so that the linking strength of each pixel can be chosen adaptively. After the processing of PCNN with the adaptive linking strength, new fire mapping images are obtained for each image taking part in the fusion. The clear objects of each original image are decided by the compare-selection operator with the fire mapping images pixel by pixel and then all of them are merged into a new clear image. Furthermore, by this algorithm, other parameters, for example, , the threshold adjusting constant, only have a slight effect on the new fused image. Therefore, it overcomes the difficulty in adjusting parameters in PCNN. Experimental results indicate that the method outperforms the traditional approaches in preserving edge information while improving texture information.
Authors: Xiao Lin Lu
Abstract: The Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) are the basis for building monitoring tools that enable the supervision of local and remote systems. A variety of communications and data transmission system has been adopted DAS to exchange information. The special-purpose DAS has a very important practical value. This paper presents the circuit and system design for a new micro type of remote data acquisition system. It consists of an integrated circuit, a phone dialer, modulation devices, central processing unit, buttons, input devices and display devices. The system and circuit design has been described in detail. It can be used to transmit data through the public switched telephone network. It is suitable for constructing a mini scale communication network at low cost for data acquisition through the PSTN.
Authors: E Ming Jie, Zhou Jin Shu
Abstract: The application of technologies of virtual reality, network and sensors makes the construction of Distance Opening Experiment Teaching Platform (DOETP) become reality, which fully utilizes the experimental resources of institutions, institutes and enterprises. Based on the analysis on characteristics of virtual experiment and distance control experiment, the paper designed the basic infracture of DOETP. The logical structure of distance education platform was brought out, which integrates DOETP and Distance Opening Teaching Management Platform (DOTMP). The detail funcions design of distance education platform were also provided, which is of significance for the realization of the education platform.
Authors: Ou Yang Quan, Hong Yun Xu
Abstract: This paper describes the key Web Services technologies, combined with features of the education sector to construct a Web Services-based educational resource sharing application model. Moreover, analyze the principle and working process of this model, derive the functional design and structure, and discuss the implementation of the model pattern. It provides some theoretical basis for the further development of the educational resource-sharing platform based on Web Services framework.
Authors: Jing Ying Zhao, Hai Guo, Xing Bin Sun
Abstract: Comparing with the phytoplankton, there are few researches on zooplanktons. Now, many waterworks don’t monitor the zooplanktons in source water. There isn’t effective detection method for several common macro zooplanktons such as chironomid larvae, cyclops and so on, and little has been done in the field of the macro zooplanktons automatic identification and monitor. This paper puts for forward a macrozooplankton edge detection method based on wavelet packet decomposition and reconstruction. We erase the high frequency parts by applying wavelet packet decomposition in the original images and then detect the edge of reconstruction images using the common edge detectors such as Prewitt, Sobel, Roberts, Laplacian of Gaussion, Canny and so on. The experimental results show that the edge detection methods in the reconstruction image work better than in the original image.

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