Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Zhong Shen

Abstract: Due to the popularity of knowledge discovery and data mining, in practice as well as among academic and corporate professionals, association...

Authors: Jing Jing Si

Abstract: We investigate inter-session network coding for networks with heterogeneous receivers in this paper. Based on layered source coding, we...

Authors: Jun Tang

Abstract: This paper proposed a new method of image registration based on clustering algorithm. It used clustering algorithm to cluster all the...

Authors: Xin Wu Li

Abstract: Direct 3D volume segmentation is one of the difficult and hot research fields in 3D medical data field processing. Using K-means clustering...

Authors: Zheng Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a novel transport layer protocol for multi-level wireless sensor networks. The node of lower level uses a lightweight...

Authors: Zheng Liu

Abstract: Existing image annotation approaches mainly concentrate on achieving annotation results. Annotation order has not been taken into account...

Authors: Zheng Liu

Abstract: This paper presents LDA-based automatic image annotation by visual topic learning and related annotation extending. We introduce the Latent...

Authors: Rui Li, He Bing, Jing Hua Song

Abstract: A comparative method for studying road network based on GIS will be proposed in this paper, in which Axwoman is involved as an ArcView...

Authors: Su Hui

Abstract: Leader can be regarded as the core resource and soul of the enterprise, because the leader is charged of making policies and strategies,...

Authors: Tian Zhen Wang, Yang Liu, Tian Hao Tang

Abstract: In order to solve the problem in k-means algorithm that inappropriate selection of initial clustering centers often causes clustering in...


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