Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Min Yang, Jin Cai Chang, Shao Hong Yan

Abstract: According to the imagery coordinate’s mapping relation between the three points’(A,C,E) geometric limited condition on target surface (...

Authors: Duo Lin Liu, Hao Xu

Abstract: The first task in health information system integration is to solve the problems of an “isolated information islands” and achieve the...

Authors: Ting Zeng

Abstract: Knowledge management and knowledge engineering is two important concepts, in recent years. Knowledge Engineering is the engineering solution...

Authors: Zhi Yong Du, Xian Fang Wang, Hai Yan Zhang

Abstract: Soft sensing technology is one of the topics of general interest in study on current process control, which has recently drawn considerable...

Authors: Shao Xing Wu, Yu Jun Ma, Yan Tie Xiang

Abstract: This article describes innovative and highly secure network architecture, dedicated to internet of things. We recommend that the...

Authors: Fei Yan, Ning Han, Wang Zheng

Abstract: Wildfire may cause serious damage to the forest. Because of the complexity of the forest environment video images obtained by CCD cameras of...

Authors: Guo Fang Li, Sheng Tao Liu, Li Dong Chen, Yan Liu, Chang Chun Bao, Dong Wang, Jun Yu Xue, Liang Zhang, Shu Ying Ma

Abstract: The information monitoring points for greenhouse environment were scattered, so a wireless sensor network with star-type network topology...

Authors: Cheng Xiang Fan, Kai Quan Shi, Ke Jun Li

Abstract: The forecasting precision of GM(1,1) is very low, when the data sequence is not smooth. The logarithm smoothing is used for the original...

Authors: Li Ming

Abstract: Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is an international cooperation mechanisms based on the "Kyoto Protocol". Through CDM, developed and...

Authors: Si Ning Chen, Yin Quan Duo, Li Jun Wei

Abstract: It has been over ten years for the green chemistry and clean production became a popular research subject in China. The researchers have...


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