Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Dong Zhang, Y. Qin, N.M. Yao

Abstract: Web information is main data source for the agricultural product quantity security system which is used to provide comprehensive analysis...

Authors: Shu Dong Zhang, N.M. Yao, Y. Qin

Abstract: The early warning system for agricultural products quantity security requires storing and analyzing massive agricultural data. These data is...

Authors: Ke Zhang, Hao Liu, Yuan Yuan, Xiao Liang Zhang, Yu Xing Sun

Abstract: Highway network operation monitoring and Emergency Management is an innovation which is required by the development of practical highway...

Authors: Li Min Wang, Xiong Fei Li, Xue Cheng Wang

Abstract: Dimensionality reduction is useful for improving the performance of Bayesian networks. In this paper we suggest an effective method of...

Authors: Jian Lin Qiu, Dan Ji, Xiang Gu, Fen Li, Peng He

Abstract: Decision tree classification is one of the most widely-used methods in data mining which can provide useful decision-making analysis for...

Authors: Jian Lin Qiu, Fen Li, Dan Ji, Jian Ping Chen, Peng He

Abstract: Logic minimization software is an important tool in digital integrate circuit design environment. The optimization of Multi-Valued Logic...

Authors: Wei Li, Shi Chao Li, Dan Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of the society, more and more countries have been increasingly optimistic about wind power projects because of...

Authors: Kai Sheng Yang, Peng Cheng Nie, Lei Feng, Yong He, Shuang Shuang Chen

Abstract: Yunnan cherry-tomato and Xinjiang cherry-tomato were very similar in appearance. But they are different in taste and nutritive value. A...

Authors: Jun Ping Zhou, Chun Guang Zhou, Ming Hao Yin, Hui Yang

Abstract: Extension rule is a new method for computing the number of models for a given propositional formula. In some sense, it is actually an...

Authors: Ye Du, Ru Hui Zhang, Ji Qiang Liu

Abstract: Skype is a P2P overlay network for VoIP and other applications, which is widely used all over the world. Based on analysis of the operation...


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