Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huang Ling

Abstract: In this paper, the MRCTM model of closed-loop supply chain was investigated. An effective incentive mechanism that considered the...

Authors: Chang Hong Yu

Abstract: With development of CMOS process, the minimum lithographic feature has now scaled down to regime of nano-scale. Integrated circuits (ICs)...

Authors: Xiu Ju Liu

Abstract: QoS routing for the characteristics of the ant colony algorithm is improved. First of all defect from the ant colony algorithm and to...

Authors: Li Min Zou, You Yi Jiang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the stability of linear system with constant coefficients. A simple practical criterion for the...

Authors: Wei Rao, Ye Cai Guo, Min Chen, Wen Qun Tan, Jian Bing Liu, Fei Xia, Li Fan, Hui Jun Xu

Abstract: The paper proposes a concurrent constant modulus algorithm (CMA) and decision-directed (DD) scheme for fractionally-spaced blind...

Authors: Li Qin Yao

Abstract: Objective: to investigate the effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching on force-time curve and EMG Parameters in...

Authors: Lei Du, Wen Jun Wang, Cun Xiang Dong, Xian Kun Zhang, Shan Gao

Abstract: An emergency plan process modeling method has proposed in order to improve the emergency response information systems semantics of the...

Authors: Shou Yun Liang, Xiang Xian Ma, Xiang Yang Wang

Abstract: Drifting snow is one of the main disasters in blocking railways and road traffics in cold areas. It has been becoming a key issue to reduce...

Authors: Gui Hua Li, Jun Yang, Shou Ming Zhong

Abstract: In this paper, the BIBO stabilization problem for a class of fuzzy large-scale systems is investigated. Based on the Lyapunov function and...

Authors: Peng Cheng Wei, Xi Shi

Abstract: Based on particle swarm optimization algorithm, this paper presents a grid scheduling optimization algorithm combing the advantages of Ant...


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