Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lie Ping Zhang, Yun Sheng Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve the production of process industry, the ant colony system(ACS) was applied to the production scheduling problem. Based...

Authors: Yi Kui Mo, Xiang Rong Qiao, Yong Yun Su

Abstract: In light of the characteristics of transit passenger’s route choice behavior, this paper introduces a multi-agent based simulation approach...

Authors: Si Bin Zhu, Zheng Mao Ye, Gui Xian Li

Abstract: A high fidelity, reliable and extensible real-time CDU simulation system is built on the basis of self-made membrane keyboard and...

Authors: Tie Gu Wang, Xue Bin Li, Tian You Yang, Wei Dong Wang

Abstract: Ion beam bio-engineering was established by Chinese researcher in 1980s. Over thirty years past, there were delightful progress by low...

Authors: Jian Ping Liu, Bang Yan Ye, Jian Xi Peng

Abstract: To improve the validity and efficiency of feature recognition for 3D reconstruction from engineering drawings, this paper presents a new...

Authors: Fei Wu, Xi Wang, Wei Wu Zhong, Hui Yu, Li Bing Liu, Dong Ting Liao

Abstract: Through a set of electro-hydraulic digital valve as the core of the fuzzy control system to provide an appropriate amount of cooling fluid,...

Authors: Lu Xiong, Zhao Liang Zhang, Zhuo Ping Yu

Abstract: This paper puts forward one new anti-skidding method based on the model following control method. With the new feedback function and control...

Authors: Qi Ming Zhao, An Zhu, Xiu Ya Jiang, Jian Long

Abstract: Reclamation and application of sewage heat energy is a good choice for sustainable development and an effective mean of energy-saving and...

Authors: E Xu, Liang Shan Shao, Zhu Qiao, Guang Hui Cao, Feng Qiu

Abstract: To attribute reduction in an uncertain information system, this paper proposed a method of attribute reduction based on rough set theory....

Authors: Jian Yao

Abstract: Thermally induced switching temperature, spectral transmittance of a new kind of thermotropic material developed by a different mixing...


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