Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Shun He, Xiang Li

Abstract: Among the many mining algorithms of association rules, Apriori Algorithm is a classical algorithm that has caused the most discussion; it...

Authors: Jun Zhai, Ya Mei Song, Jian Feng Li

Abstract: Topic Maps (TM) are standardized by ISO 13250 for the pur¬pose of semantic annotation of WWW resources. This paper presents the knowledge...

Authors: Jie Chen, Le Ping Shen

Abstract: Organizations are more concerned about the appropriate IT governance. The growing dependency on IT due to the increasing volume of business...

Authors: Tao Peng, Ming Hua Jiang, Ming Hu

Abstract: A multi-polices access control model is proposed, with the model, access control based on policy regulation and XML based policy description...

Authors: Guo Qiang Yuan, He Shan Liu

Abstract: Image segmentation is an important constituent portion in image processing and retrieval. Based on the traditional Wavelet-domain Hidden...

Authors: Chuan Hui Zhao, Ying Sun, Ke Jun Li

Abstract: Since traditional power is non-renewable and unfriendly to environment, renewable energy power which overcomes defects of traditional energy...

Authors: Hui Yu Jiang, Min Dong, Wei Li

Abstract: The octanol / water partition coefficient (Kow) is an important physical parameters to describe their behavior in the environment. However,...

Authors: Ming Liang Wei, Tao Feng

Abstract: Knowledge is increasingly becoming one of the most important productive factors those which create the value of the industrial organization....

Authors: San Lung Zhao, Shen Zheng Wang, Hsi Jian Lee, Hung I Pai

Abstract: The study presents a human tracking system. To tracking a person, we adopt a particle filter as tracking kernel, since the method has...

Authors: Xiao Qing Zhou, Jia Xiu Sun

Abstract: The open-up data mining system is one of developing directions of the present data mining system. In this paper we have put forward a data...


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