Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

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Authors: Tzu Chiang Chiang, Hua Yi Lin, Jia Lin Chang

Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes that want to communicate to each others, but has no fixed links like...

Authors: Nie Miao, Zhang Zhong Zhao

Abstract: In this paper ,we proposed and analyzed a frame-level synchronization (FLS) algorithm for the UWB direct-sequnce transmitted-reference...

Authors: Li Li Zhu, Yi Feng Duan

Abstract: Satellite constellation, emerging as a new paradigm for next-generation communicating, enables large-scale application of the geographically...

Authors: Liang Hao Wang, Ming Xi, Dong Xiao Li, Ming Zhang

Abstract: Multi-view Video Coding (MVC) is very promising in applicable field for its 3D effect and interactive functions (multi viewpoint). In this...

Authors: Yan Lei Zhao, Xue Ting Liu

Abstract: Adding element tridiagonal matrices play a very important role in the theory and practical applications, such as the boundary value problems...


Abstract: Removed due to plagiarism. Original paper is published by IEEE: J. Javier Martinez-Alvarez, et al, "A Multi-FPGA Distributed Embedded System...

Authors: Xue Yong Li, Guo Hong Gao, Guo Yi Miao, Shi Tao Yan

Abstract: This paper proposes two protection algorithms SBP and PBP with the waveband grouping in fault-tolerant multi-domain optical networks. We...

Authors: Xue Yong Li, Jun Hui Fu, Guo Hong Gao, Shi Yong Li

Abstract: The safety control tools in CSN perform supervision and analysis of the parameters of security systems, so these tools are an important part...

Authors: Zhi Gang Ji, Zhi Hui Wang, Hui Zhong Xie

Abstract: Fidelity ranks the top priorities when experts of the industry face the task of solving application problem of digitized ancient Chinese...

Authors: Kui Zhang, Hai Feng Qi, Cheng Hua Shi

Abstract: The security of food has a direct relationship with consumers’ health and safety, which is the most basic material condition for human...


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