Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Zhao, Ye Zheng Liu

Abstract: Knowledge employee’s turnover forecast is a multi-criteria decision-making problem involving various factors. In order to forecast...

Authors: Jing Jun Zhang, Ji Tao Zhong, Li Li He, Rui Zhen Gao

Abstract: Modal analysis, which is applied to verify the vibration characteristic of structures, is the basis of various dynamic analyses. In this...

Authors: Yue Xiao Han, Cheng Hua Shi, Yun Gao Gu, Xiao Feng Zhao

Abstract: The pose control system of robot is strictly required. This paper expatiate some methods of pose control, the design of hardware circuit and...

Authors: Hong Li, Li Fang Ye, Jian Ping Hu

Abstract: Power-efficient multipliers are essential for low-power signal processing hardware and embedded digital system since they have high...

Authors: Xiao Mao Wu, Hui Ming Guo, Yong Quan Yu

Abstract: In this paper, we analyze the data structure of design of matter-element model from the level of software design, combined with the features...

Authors: De Long Cui, Jing Long Zuo

Abstract: Aiming at content-based audio retrieval (CBAR) applications, a robust audio hashing scheme is proposed. First the audio is divided to frame...

Authors: Xue Zhen Chen

Abstract: This paper searched open loop stability on hybrid synchronous motor which is made of a permanent magnet part and a reluctance part, there is...

Authors: Xue Zhen Chen

Abstract: This paper compares the electromagnet torque characteristics of ALA+PM rotor synchronous motor with the conventional permanent magnet motor,...

Authors: Hou Chong Wan

Abstract: In the paper, the multi-layer situation decision-making method of complex system is firstly introduced. Then, the development of the...

Authors: Hou Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Electro-mechanical hybrid power controller (EMHPC) is a kind of switch with a breaker as mechanical switch and an insulated gate bipolar...


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