Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Qun Ma, Wan Li Zhao, Ya Na Li, Xue Fei Huang, Xiao Peng Wu, Xuan Chen, Lin Feng Li, Qing Hu Kang

Abstract: Wheel/rail rolling noise is the main source of noise from railway operations, it is at least as important as aerodynamic noise. In this...

Authors: Xiang Li, Yue Shun He, Xuan Zhan

Abstract: As various types of geo-environmental monitoring image instrument are sprouting up, there are more and more materials based on infrared,...

Authors: De Yun Meng, Li Wang, Yi Hao

Abstract: In the field of hydropower project, the overabundance of information from multiplex data sources has forced managers and decision makers to...

Authors: Yan Jun Pang, Wei Pan, Kai Di Liu

Abstract: By terms of extracting quantization values of each index making contributions to classification, this paper defines index classification...

Authors: Zhong Hua Li, Yi Liu

Abstract: The permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) may have chaotic behaviors for the uncertain values of parameters or under certain working...

Authors: Tao Peng, Ming Hua Jiang, Ming Hu

Abstract: A multi-policy access control model is proposed, with the model, access control based on policy regulation and XML based policy description...

Authors: Hung I Pai, Shen Zheng Wang, San Lung Zhao, Yi Ta Wu

Abstract: Segmentation is fundamental step in video surveillance system. It is hard to segmented interesting object in all environments due to the ...

Authors: Jing Gang Wang, Mei Xia Du, Chuan Chuan Du, Xiao Xia Gao

Abstract: This paper analyses exergy of the components of the mine water source heat pump. Evaluate the exergy efficiency and exergy loss of main...

Authors: Jing Gang Wang, Xiao Xia Gao, Bo Liang, Hua Hui Zhou

Abstract: A large number of cooling water exists in chemical plant, use water source heat pump and lithium bromide absorption heat pump system to...

Authors: Long Yang Huang, Wei Jun Pan

Abstract: Based on the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization method utilized for pattern synthesis of linear array without constraints, null derivative...


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