Nanotechnology and Computer Engineering

Volumes 121-122

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Luo

Abstract: In this paper we mainly discuss the Collaborative Filtering algorithm which is widely applied in E-commerce. This article presents the idea...

Authors: Chi Jun Zhang, Zheng Xuan Wang, Yong Jian Yang

Abstract: Currently, LBS (Location-based Services) as a new emerging business which is based on mobile communication network is becoming more and more...

Authors: Hang Ying Lou, Guo Zheng Wang

Abstract: This paper compared relevant kinematic parameters of the long jump elites from home and abroad, it analysed the reason why the reduction of...

Authors: Li Ming

Abstract: HSE is a system management methodology of reducing and eliminating the possible risks of health, safety and environment in the process of...

Authors: Chun Lei Ji, Qiang Sun

Abstract: As the characteristics of power line channel varies over time, makes it be different from the tradition networks. In this paper, we study...

Authors: Guo Hai Xiong, Xue Jun Gao, Ling Li Zeng

Abstract: A phase shift signal generator which has high precision and whose phase can be easily and digitally controlled is designed through utilizing...

Authors: Yong Qiang Han, Jia Bin Chen, Zhi De Liu, Dun Hui Zhao, Chun Lei Song, Jing Yuan Yin

Abstract: In this paper, unscented Kalman filter (UKF) is studied to estimate the state of Dead reckoning (DR) and GPS integrated navigation system....

Authors: Tao Ye

Abstract: The development of photovoltaic industry can produce great socio-economic implications in terms of induced production and job creation. The...

Authors: Wei Hua Liao

Abstract: GIS attribute data is the property of GIS entity, it has fuzziness and uncertainty. The binary relation for GIS entity object and attribute...

Authors: Ying Chun Yue, Zhi Chao Zhang, Pan Xiong

Abstract: Short-term adverse weather conditions have a direct impact on geological disasters. However, the data source of high-precision weather on...


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