Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Zi Tang

Abstract: The objective of this study is to evaluate the economic value of ecosystem services of water tourism resources in Heilongjiang Province, and...

Authors: Dan Di Ma, Zong Xin Liu

Abstract: Considering the defect in the conventional methods for river health evaluation, this paper presents a new method for evaluation based on...

Authors: Jie Lu, Meng Hong Li

Abstract: Anaerobic sludge were cultured and acclimated by adding different co-metabolism substrates under six operating conditions, using chloroform...

Authors: Ke Feng Shang, Zhe Zhao, Xiu Yan Zhou, Xiao Chen Wang

Abstract: The configuration of discharge electrode is closely related to the uniformity and the strength of corona plasma, which has big effect on the...

Authors: Ting Ting Wang, Yuan Biao Zhang, Zhi Ning Liang, Wei Huang

Abstract: Through the introduction of food chain, our paper analyzed the short and long-term effects that ocean garbage patch provided to ocean...

Authors: Quan Lai Zhou, Mu Qiu Zhao, Cai Yan Lu, Yi Shi, Xin Chen

Abstract: This study investigated the effects of different rates of phosphorus application on vertical transference of P. An aquatic brown paddy soil...

Authors: Yun Xia Zhang, San Xiang Sun, Tian Peng Wang

Abstract: In this work, an analysis and numerical study have been carried out in order to determine how time lag and decrement factor are affected by...

Authors: Wei Huang, Xing Yuan He, Chang Bing Liu, De Wen Li

Abstract: To investigate the effect of elevated CO2 and O3 on the accumulation of flavonoids in Ginkgo Biloba leaves, four-year-old trees were exposed...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Hua Xiao Yan, Meng Meng Zhang, Ming Liu, Son Qin

Abstract: Enteromorpha clathrata “Green tide” widely broke out at Qingdao nearby sea area in 2007 and 2008. It is imperative for researchers to...

Authors: Meng Li, Dong Lei Zou, Hao Chen Zou, Dong Yan Fan

Abstract: Using iron filings, activated carbon power and clay as raw materials, the granular iron-carbon micro-electrolysis packing was made by the...


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