Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Chun Lei Wang, Min Zhao, Xing Dong Wei, Tai Lun Li, Lei Lu

Abstract: Treatment of xenobiotic compounds such as textile dyes with bacterial laccases is limited to the acid pH range and moderate temperatures. A...

Authors: Guo Lin Jing, Shu Lin Li, Li Jie Xing, Ying Ying Guo, Ling Rong Kong

Abstract: During oil production from several wells in Daqing, significant productivity decline was noticed. One of the reasons behind the productivity...

Authors: Yu Huo, La Chun Wang, Deng Feng Wang, Hai Hua Meng

Abstract: With the rapid urbanization, medium-small-size cities have become essential to urban system in China. However, due to limited financial and...

Authors: Jian Qiu, Jean Ran Gao, Mon Lin Kuo, Jian Li

Abstract: Since wood is porous it also is a good heat and sound insulating material. Puffing the cell wall may lose certain level of mechanical...

Authors: Jia Ying Xin, Yan Wang, Ying Xin Zhang, Chun Gu Xia

Abstract: Hydrogenophaga palleronii LHJ38 can grow on naphthalene as sole carbon and energy source. The growth and naphthalene degradation curve of...

Authors: Wei Guo Zhao, Li Ying Wang

Abstract: The cascade correlation algorithm that is cascade-correlation(CC) algorithms, CC network structure and CC network weights learning algorithm...

Authors: Chun Wu, Chun Bo Che

Abstract: With peanut shells as raw material of activated carbon adsorbent, the adsorption property of wastewater containing phenol was studied. The...

Authors: Chun Du Wu, Chun Xia Liu, Qing Jie Xie

Abstract: In this paper a stepwise adsorption purification bed was introduced to be used for overflow wastewater treatment. According to the principle...

Authors: Si Hua Chen

Abstract: This paper mainly discuss the negative externality problems involved in environmental logistics and the necessity of government regulation,...

Authors: Heng Zhen Yan, Wen Qi Gong, Guang Jun Mei, Xiao Ye Liu, Shao Hua Chen

Abstract: Amine collectors are widely used as oxidized ore collectors.Based on OECD 301B testing method, the biodegradability of amine collectors were...


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