Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Cheng Hui Ma, Chang Sheng Li, Mu Liu, Zhen Yu Wang

Abstract: Experiments were done on poisoning pine moth of Pinus tabulaeformis plantation with mixed liquid of wooden vinegar and the extract liquid of...

Authors: Qi Wang

Abstract: To achieve better activity, TiO2 was modified through surface fluorination using hydrofluoric acid (denoted as HF-TiO2). The photocatalytic...

Authors: Yun Feng Li, Wei Feng Wan, Yao Guo Wu, Yan Juan Xu, Jin Lai Ren, Yuan Zhang, Mao Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Untreated disposal of coal mine wastewaters from Shanbei loess have environmental and public health concerns in the developing Shanbei...

Authors: Hao Chen, Ya Li Yang, Li Hua Chen

Abstract: : Controlled traffic with conservation tillage is an useful way to solve the problem of wheel track induced soil compaction. Based on field...

Authors: Su Min Lu, You Guang Ma, Shu Hua Shen, Chun Ying Zhu

Abstract: The effect of different parameters on SO2 absorption was investigated in a semi-batchwise bubbling stirring reactor. From the experimental...

Authors: Hai Yang Shang, Fang Su

Abstract: Evaluation for urban sustainable development is very significant to improve the future development of urban. The analytic hierarchy process...

Authors: Li Zhang, Bai Yao Ruan, Rong Zhong Jing, Fang Fang Yang

Abstract: In the mountains area, we have to solve the problem that how to select appropriate method, accurately and effectively explore the burial...

Authors: Fu Hua Xuan, Shu Ying Zang, Hai Feng Xiao

Abstract: In this study, sediment samples were collected in Huoshaohei (HSH), Xihulu (XHL), Amuta (AMT), and Talahong (TLH) of Lianhuan Lake. Eleven...

Authors: Zhe Ying Han, Hong Chen

Abstract: The Contingent Valuation Method can be used to assess the value of products with intangible benefits such as ecological products and so on....

Authors: Deng Feng Wang, Peng Hu, Cheng Yuan, Yu Huo, Heng Li, Guo Liang Li

Abstract: The method of Set Pair Analysis is to study the certain and uncertain relationship between the different things and the key of this method...


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