Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Jing Feng He, Ya Qun He, Wen Sheng Ge, Chen Long Duan, Xiao Bing Wu

Abstract: On the basis of introducing the latest research status of processing methods of waste printed circuit boards, the physical mechanism of eddy...

Authors: Xin Yuan Feng, Shi Gong Wang

Abstract: In order to understand the influence mechanism of dust events on PM10 pollution, the characteristics of atmospheric boundary-layer structure...

Authors: Wen Guang Yu, Zhi Liu

Abstract: We study the delayed risk model with random premium income. The premium process is not a linear function of time in contrast with the...

Authors: Cheng Dong Li, Hong Fa Yu

Abstract: Magnesium oxychloride cement sawdust concrete box caused great harm to the environment. This article introduced the method to recycle the...

Authors: Li Ying Wang, Wei Guo Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, we apply support vector regression (SVR) for daily discharge forecasting and compare its results to other prediction methods...

Authors: Lin Xu Song, Ping Liu

Abstract: Nonpoint source pollution, especially agriculture nonpoint source pollution is the major reason resulting in eutrophication in many...

Authors: Yan Fei Ma, Xi Lai Zheng, Xue Dong Feng

Abstract: Oil-contaminated pillars were prepared by spilling oil on soils’ surface. The weight loss of oil was determined by subtracting the pillars’...

Authors: Xue Dong Feng, Yan Fei Ma

Abstract: The IFT has been investigated for an interfacially reactive immiscible system composed of oil and water. Ring tensiometry was employed to...

Authors: Yan Guo Shi, Chun Hua Yang, Ying Yiu, Yi Fang Zhang, Bing Yu Sun, Chun Lin Hu

Abstract: A semi-works production method which the extraction and isolation of 7S and 11S was improved. The method of isoelectric point and cooling...

Authors: Cheng Chen, Jian Li

Abstract: In this paper, a kind of imidazolium ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium chloride ( [BMIM]Cl) was synthesized, and the chemical...


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