Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Jing Bo Guo, Fang Ma, Chein Chi Chang, Li Wei

Abstract: To improve the efficiency of petrochemical wastewater treatment, a hybrid system with both attached and suspended biomass was proposed to...

Authors: Wen Chao Zhang, Jun Shen, Feng Chen

Abstract: In this paper, TVOC emission of veneered wood-based panel and coating processing was systematically discussed. The results showed that resin...

Authors: Li Sha Ma, Huan Li Wang, Wei Wang, Zheng Wen Zhang

Abstract: Mechanical behavior of municipal solid waste (MSW) is important to geo-environment engineering, and it is necessary to properly understand...

Authors: Ming Ming Wu

Abstract: As one of the carbon trade mechanisms ratified by Tokyo Protocol, the Carbon Emission Permits Trade has played a significant role of...

Authors: Yue Jian Wang, Guang Yang, Hai Liang Xu

Abstract: The water resources carrying capacity is an important component of natural resource carrying capacity in a country or region sustained...

Authors: Chun Ran Han, Ming Duo Yang, Yong Qiang Ma

Abstract: Mung bean grows widely in the world, and is the good source of mung bean starch, which contains higher content of amylose and has special...

Authors: Jian Ming Chen, Ming Hui Guo, Xue Liu

Abstract: Abandoned Aspen products have become one of the major solid wastes in China. This Paper discusses the recycling design of wooden Aspen...

Authors: Da Yong Xu

Abstract: The main objective of the present experimental investigation was to evaluate the performance of using a refitted anaerobic reactor system to...

Authors: Wei Liang Zeng, Yan Ling Guo

Abstract: According to its advantages, such as low-cost and green biological etc., Wood-Plastic Composite(WPC) is more suitable for make parts by...

Authors: Rong Jun Su, Peng Wang, Li Ming Jiang, Fang Gu

Abstract: Acetylspiramycin pharmaceutical wastewater is a kind of biorefractory organic wastewater. It is meaningful academically and actually that...


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