Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Zhen Hua Wang, Xin Lin He, Guang Yang, Sha Li

Abstract: Because of the Lack of water resources and the increasing water quantity used in living and production, the water resources are becoming the...

Authors: Wei Hui Dai, Lian Hua Su, Xiao Yi Liu

Abstract: Conventional practices have shown that veracious forecast and effective coordination are very significant for emergency response management...

Authors: Su Yi Liu

Abstract: A runoff-sequence contains many frequencies, from the point of the wavelet transfor- mation, they are included in different wavelet...

Authors: Gang Li, Shu Hai Guo, Chun Shan Zhang, Xi Lin Liu

Abstract: The aim is to treat oily sludge from floatation process of oil produced water by deflocculation. Based upon analyzing the granularity...

Authors: Hong Chen, Shu Ai Shi

Abstract: Low carbon economy is gradually achieving global consensus by increasing number of countries. It is the basic way to address climate change...

Authors: Guang Meng Ren, De Zhi Sun, Dian Qi Chen

Abstract: Oil recovery wastewater from polymer flooding (ORWFP) is a new type industrial wastewater, which contains high molecular weight...

Authors: Fu Xiang Hu

Abstract: The assessment architecture is designed in this paper so that the urban ecosystem health can be exactly evaluated. Using data warehouse...

Authors: Chang Hong Li

Abstract: Green building increases the efficiency and reduces impacts on the environment, which may resolve serious resource and environmental...

Authors: Xiao Ju Yan, Rui Ling Bao, Qing Feng Jing, Xu Yang

Abstract: The membrane fouling characters in the Photocatalysis-Membrane Reactor (PMR) were studied by the SEM analyzing, and compared with the...

Authors: Tian Liu, Qing Wen Wang

Abstract: The effective utilization of lignin waste has been a main concern in the bio-ethanol industry which uses straw and stalks as feedstock. In...


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