Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Qin Xu, Yin Da Sun, Bai Qing Zhou

Abstract: A new radial plunger pump is given which is installed with roller between plunger and stator, the roller is purely rolling on the inner face...

Authors: Shao Xing Su

Abstract: This paper introduced the principle of automatic terminal crimping machine. The methods to improve the speed of terminal crimping machine...

Authors: Ye Tao, Shou Fu Geng, Hou Wei Lian

Abstract: In view of the problems that we can not real-time monitor and record temperature even when the temperature exceeds a certain limit the...

Authors: Jian Liang Guo, Lian Qing Chen

Abstract: Turning operation of slender shaft poses a great challenge in machining field. It is due to the fact that the accuracy of machined workpiece...

Authors: Zhong Ren Wang, Yan Hua Wu, Yan Ming Quan

Abstract: A novel movable monocular stereo vision measurement system was designed considering the application objectives and on-machine measurement...

Authors: Hai Bo Lin, Guo Zhe Yang

Abstract: Micro-EDM provides the potential feasibility for the nano-scale precision machining, and Micro-EDM is suitable for three-dimensional...

Authors: Guo Ji Zhao, Qian Luo, Xiang Jie Wang, Jian Luo

Abstract: Numerical simulation and deposited experiment of MAG welding are carried out on the conditions of Electro-Magnetic Stirring (EMS) in this...

Authors: Dong Jun Zhou, Zheng Xiao Wang

Abstract: As the rapid development of Internet and communication technology, clothing industry in China keep updating itself and speeding up its...

Authors: De Qing Yang, Ying Liang Yu

Abstract: The uniformly accelerated motion in NC systems is analysed based on the constitution and realization of a uniformly accelerated motion, in...

Authors: Ge Qun Liu

Abstract: An improved Freeman-Newell functional reasoning model is proposed for the conceptual design of manufacturing process control strategies. The...


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