Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Zhan Lv, Xi Chang Liang

Abstract: An integrated approach based on genetic algorithm (GA) and an artificial neural network (ANN) is presented for structural optimization of a...

Authors: Ling Yun Jiang, Zhi Biao Wang

Abstract: The process of creating a CAD model from an object is mainly made up of two steps: the data collection through digital measurement and the...

Authors: Yan Ping Li, Yong Chang

Abstract: Via putting forward the new concept of “direction angle” for the first time, particularly via discovering and bringing to light the vivid,...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Chang, Sen Liang, Peng Mi, Xuan Li

Abstract: Based on the lever set function and the augmented Lagrange multiplier method, the topology optimization design of structure was achieved and...

Authors: Rui Jun Zhang, Min Li, Min Qin Zhang, Xiao Wei Wang

Abstract: Force behaviors of the loading platform of rotating stereo garages is analyzed, equations describing the load capacity and the deformation...

Authors: Lin Zhou, Xiao Min Cheng

Abstract: To achieve smaller weight, stronger strength and higher stiffness, tube hydroforming is widely used in the industry. The front beam is...

Authors: Zhi Xian Zhang, Jian Hua Liu, Ru Xin Ning

Abstract: In recent years, in view of the absence of kinematics analysis function of mechanisms in the virtual assembly system, the method of...

Authors: He Wang, Yu Hou Wu, Hong Sun, Teng Yue Wang, Kai Jun Zhao

Abstract: Disc cutter is the key part in Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). Wear and tear of disc cutter is the main reason of low efficiency and high cost...

Authors: Teng Yue Wang, Ke Zhang, Hong Sun, Yu Hou Wu, Kai Jun Zhao

Abstract: Full face rock tunnel boring machine (TBM) plays an important role in boring rock of tunnel. The failure of disc cutter is the main reason...

Authors: Hua Song, Pei Long Wang, Li Hua Fu, Ming Chen, Z.Q. Wang

Abstract: This paper adopted explicit dynamics FEM software ANSYS/LS-DYNA and carried out the numerical simulation calculation of 9 roller horizontal...


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