Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Song Che, Bai Song Pan, Ting Hong Peng, Sheng Hong Zhang

Abstract: Casting process of the gearbox shell of a drill is simulated based on different technological conditions by analysis software ProCAST and...

Authors: Jin Wang, Guang Yu Zhu, Guo Dong Lu, Gang Chen, Dong Liang Zhang

Abstract: This paper takes the 2D image of toys and cartoons as reference to assist the amateurs to design 3D models fast and conveniently. A contour...

Authors: Wei Long Li, Jin Wang, Guo Dong Lu

Abstract: The 40 inventive principles of TRIZ are useful methods for solving engineering design problem. 3D garment CAD is significant for improve the...

Authors: Xi Fa Yu, Su Jun Yi, Ci Xiang Li, Jing Lin

Abstract: According to the characteristics of integrated reverse engineering system, the architecture system of integrated reverse engineering which...

Authors: Li Jun Qiu

Abstract: Concidering the inadequate of the turbosupercharger, a novel reconstruction method is proposed, and the layout of the turbocharger is...

Authors: Yun Feng Liu, Xing Tao Dong, Hui Yong Zhu, Wei Peng

Abstract: Conventional methods for diagnosis and operation planning based on 2D image are still widely used in oral and maxillofacial prostheses...

Authors: Guo Zheng Quan, Yi Xin Wang, Jie Zhou, Bin Chen

Abstract: he Al-6061-T6 tube’s drawing limit and the drawing process’s elasto-plastic behavior were investigated based on the foundational theories of...

Authors: Bin Gao, Xiu Rong Nan, Bai Zhong Wu

Abstract: The suction plastic forming process for in-mold decoration plastic sheet has been the best process for thin-shell plastic exterior...

Authors: Xi Fa Yu, Su Jun Yi, Yu Zhu, Sheng Yang

Abstract: There is no fixed form for circles not parallel to drawing, with the lens ellipse, and perspective ellipse changes with the size of circle,...

Authors: Yi Wen Wang, K. Ding, Dong Kai Jia, Xian Li Liu, Cai Xu Yue, Zhong Yang Zhao

Abstract: In the detection process of the ball detector, surface can not unfold effectively, which brings about that the camera can not capture the...


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