Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Xiang, Fu Qiang Ying

Abstract: In this paper , the author analyzed the influence factors of protection gas flow field, then established the model in a design of the...

Authors: Zu Yao Wang, Mei Jun Chen

Abstract: On the basis of the intersection of TRIZ and industrial design, the paper studies the core elements of TRIZ, including principles, methods,...

Authors: Jun Yuan Li, Xian Feng Jiang

Abstract: When designing the air nailer, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid analysis of design results, use of VB and APDL tools, secondary...

Authors: Zhi Qing Guo, Fang Xie, Zhong Bao Qin, Qiu Juan Lv

Abstract: On the basis of the actual detection of cylinders, this paper presents the necessity of replacement of stainless steel by plug made of 45#...

Authors: Xian Feng Jiang, Jun Yuan Li

Abstract: Digital industrial design system combines the digital technology and industrial design process,and integrates the sub-systems of digital...

Authors: Jie Chen, Cheng Hui Gao, Bing Wei He

Abstract: An approach of regions segmentation algorithm in triangle meshes based on threshold angle of the normal vectors is proposed. In this paper,...

Authors: Qiu Juan Lv, Su Ping Fang, You Jun Wang, Zhen Zhang

Abstract: The structures of mechanical parts are becoming more and more complex with the continuous expansion of the design industry. In this article,...

Authors: Fang Xie, You Jun Wang, Qiu Juan Lv, Zhong Bao Qin

Abstract: This paper introduces how to use the AutoCAD, Pro/E,VRML, Javascript, Dreamweaver and other computer-related software to complete the...

Authors: Xiao Ming Zuo, Zhao Mei Xu

Abstract: The plant-fiber and starch have widly applications in the dishware materials, which can be taken place of the plastic packaging materials,...

Authors: Chun Ping Yan, Qing Hua Zhou, Cheng Ke Mu, Fei Liu

Abstract: In allusion to the rapid design for building door and window products, a rapid design method based on generalized modularization was put...


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