Multi-Functional Materials and Structures III

Volumes 123-125

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hyung Jin Jung, Jin Ah Lee, Ka Yeon Kim, Heoung Jae Chun

Abstract: Due to the high specific strength, high specific modulus and good fatigue characteristics, carbon/epoxy composite bicycle frame can have...

Authors: Huu Hieu Nguyen, Dae Woo Lee, Quang Trung Troung, Seong Woo Yun, Chi Hoon Choi, Hyun Min Kang, Sang Moo Lee, Dai Soo Lee, Soo Hyoung Choi

Abstract: Resin transfer molding is a popular process to fabricate polymer composites reinforced with a large amount of glass or carbon fibers. In...

Authors: Zong Zhen Zhang, Ya Ping Peng, Dong Yu Xu, Xin Cheng

Abstract: The simulating software ANSYS is applied to carry out the coupling analysis of the 1-3 cement based piezoelectric composites. The interior...

Authors: Chen Song Dong, Tze Chiun Tsai

Abstract: Resin-rich zones are a common phenomenon in liquid composite molding processes. These resin-rich zones cause unwanted residual stress and...

Authors: Shou Ren Wang, Li Ying Yang, Ru Ma, Pei Quan Guo

Abstract: The flow stresses of AZ41M and ZK 60 wrought magnesium alloys under the deformation conditions of twin rolling casting and hot compression...

Authors: Anita Uscilowska

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is the application of Method of Fundamental Solutions (MFS) to the torsion problem of hollow rods made with...

Authors: H. Seddiki, M. Chabaat

Abstract: The present paper investigates interactions between a main crack and a surrounding layer of crazing patterns. Analysis of the stress field...

Authors: Jia Lin Tsai, Yi An Lin

Abstract: This research aims to investigate the effects of particle size, volume fraction and dispersion on the tensile strengths of particulate...

Authors: J. Jeong, P. Mounanga, Hamidreza Ramezani, Marwen Bouasker, D. Bassir

Abstract: In the present paper, we concentrate on the heterogeneous cement mortars and we treat them as Cosserat-based media. The autogenous shrinkage...

Authors: Sang Hoon Kim, Hyup Jae Chung, Kyong Yop Rhee

Abstract: In the present study, we used computed tomography (CT) images of aluminum foam material obtained by an industrial volume CT system for a...


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