Multi-Functional Materials and Structures III

Volumes 123-125

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mi Jin Choi, Jin Seong Kim, Young Kyu Kim, Jong Hoon Kim, Ko Woon Choi, Chan Yik Park, Jong Heon Kim

Abstract: Demands for improved aerial vehicle performance have led to the increasing use of composite materials. However, the mechanical behavior and...

Authors: Chan Yik Park, Chang Min Cho, Seung Moon Jun

Abstract: This paper outlines an ongoing SHM project called KASHMOS where the damage detection in composite wing structures using multiple sensors is...

Authors: Yun Kyu An, Hyung Jin Lim, Hoon Sohn

Abstract: This paper describes a new delamination detection technique for a composite structure under varying temperature. Guided waves and impedances...

Authors: Zacharias G. Pandermarakis, Anastasia B. Sotiropoulou, Nikolaos D. Nikoloutsopoulos

Abstract: Fiber reinforced cement based composites was exposed to high temperature conditions for up to 900oC and up to 2 hours and then they checked...

Authors: Chen Yu Chang, Yao Chuan Lee, Ching Hsing Lin, Jyh Wei Lee, Yu Jie Chang, Jian Huan Chen

Abstract: The TiO2 thin films were coated on the 100 meshes stainless steel 304 (SS304) sieves by using the sol-gel method followed by a thermal...

Authors: Ching Hsing Lin, Chen Yu Chang, Yu Jie Chang, Yao Chuan Lee, Mei Yin Hwa, Yu Sen Chang

Abstract: The Dye-Sensitized TiO2 thin film fabricated by TiO2 nanoparticles is a novel technology with advantage in low cost, little pollution and...

Authors: Mei Yin Hwa, Ching Hsing Lin, Yu Jie Chang, Yao Chuan Lee, I Ray Liu, Jen Ray Chang

Abstract: Pd/SDB (Styrene Divinylbenzene Copolymer), a hydrophobic catalyst, has been used for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in...

Authors: Zhong Xi Yang, Hao Ran Geng, Ning Zhang

Abstract: On the basis of measuring the viscosity of Sn melt and referring to analysis of high temperature XRD, the change of viscosity and structure...

Authors: Bang One Lee, Jung An Ko, Sang Won Han

Abstract: Melt blowing(MB) is a process for producing fibrous webs or articles directly from polymers or resins using high-velocity air or another...

Authors: Zheng Fa Li, Zheng Dao Wang

Abstract: Shape memory polymers (SMPs) can have a large frozen strain but providing much lower recovery stresses. To overcome such disadvantage,...


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