Multi-Functional Materials and Structures III

Volumes 123-125

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Patrícia Câmara Mileo, Matheus F. De Oliveira, Sandra M. Luz, George J.M. Rocha, Adilson Roberto Gonçalves

Abstract: The search for materials from renewable sources such as vegetable oil-based polymers, polyurethane based on castor oil represents a...

Authors: Piyush P. Gohil, A.A. Shaikh

Abstract: Development of composite materials requires reinforcement and matrix in which fiber is finest suitable material for reinforcement which...

Authors: Rui Hua Hu, Mi Hye Jang, Yon Jig Kim, Ying Jun Piao, Jae Kyoo Lim

Abstract: In this research, short jute fiber reinforced polylactide composite, unidirectional long fiber reinforced polylactide composite and a...

Authors: Mi Mi Kim, Byung Sun Kim, Jong Rok Ha, Seul Ki Kim, Jin Woo Yi, Joong Yeon Lim

Abstract: In order to improve the interfacial bonding with polylactic acid, Lyocell fabric’s surfaces were treated with various silanes. The silanes...

Authors: Foisal Ahmed Mirza, Sheikh Md. Rasel, Myung Soo Kim, Ali Md. Afsar, Byung Sun Kim, Jung I. Song

Abstract: Composites with polypropylene (PP) and lyocell fibers were manufactured by compression molding technique. In order to improve the...

Authors: Hitoshi Takagi

Abstract: This paper deals with the characterization of high strength and functional natural fiber reinforced composite materials which are fabricated...

Authors: Punmanee Juntuek, Chaiwat Ruksakulpiwat, Pranee Chumsamrong, Yupaporn Ruksakulpiwat

Abstract: Polylactic acid (PLA) and natural rubber (NR) were melt blended with vetiver grass fiber using an internal mixer. Heat treatment at the...

Authors: Wittawat Wongsorat, Nitinat Suppakarn, Kasama Jarukumjorn

Abstract: Sisal fiber/natural rubber (NR) composites were prepared by the incorporation of sisal fiber into NR at various content (10, 20, 30 phr)...

Authors: Amar Singh Singha, Raj K. Rana, Ashvinder Rana

Abstract: The present study deals with the preparation of natural fiber reinforced polystyrene composites by compression molding technique in which...

Authors: Yi Qi Wang, Hyoun Kon Ku, Joon Hyung Byun, Jung I. Song

Abstract: Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) technique was applied to deposit carbon nanotubes on a carbon fabric. Optimization of EPD conditions was...


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