Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai He, Jiu Hua Li, Xie Feng Ou, Ru Xu Du

Abstract: A new type of servo direct drive turret punch press is presented. A servomotor to drive the eccentric-toggle mechanism is used in our...

Authors: Jin Yun Zhou, Qin Ouyang, Qing Hua Lin, Wen Yan Pei

Abstract: For the system of a large-area laser projection image exposure using 351nm XeF excimer, its constitution, optical design parameters, and...

Authors: Bei Zhi Li, Da Hu Zhu, Jing Zhu Pang, Zhen Xin Zhou, Jian Guo Yang

Abstract: Due to the difficulty in arrangement of thermocouples, temperature measurement in grinding presents a number of challenges, particularly in...

Authors: Zhen Chao Yang, Ding Hua Zhang, Xin Chun Huang, Chang Feng Yao, Jun Xue Ren

Abstract: In order to provide theory basis for optimizing high-speed milling parameters, the high-speed milling process of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V...

Authors: Chun Jian Yu, Xiao Diao Huang, Rong Jing Hong

Abstract: According to high-frequency chattering of workpiece overhanging the support area of the NC rotary table while gear milling, overhanging...

Authors: Dai Min Chen, Zhan Guo Li, Jing Jing Li, Jia Xing Li

Abstract: . Five kind of carbon steel were chosen to do the test of CO2 laser micropore drilling in the paper, it were obtained that the influence...

Authors: Yue Ding, Wei Liu, Xi Bin Wang, Li Jing Xie, Jun Han

Abstract: In this study, surface roughness generated by face milling of 38CrSi high-strength steel is discussed. Experiments based on 24 factorial...

Authors: Quan Guo Lu, Ding Fang Chen, Ji Quan HU, Ya Peng Zhao

Abstract: Piezoelectric (PZT) material is widely used to drive micro-positioning platform, but the energy density of PZT is low, which restricts the...

Authors: Nan Nan Zhang, Ze Yu Weng, Yan Qin Zheng, Yong Cai

Abstract: The energy balance of system is one of the basis for the dynamic design of machine tools structure. The paper applied finite element...

Authors: Jun Sun, Yu Ling Wang, Bo Lu

Abstract: This paper mainly researches on the effect from high-speed shearing tool to the quality of stainless steel tube cutting. At first, the...


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