Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Hui Tang, Guo Xiang Lin, Chun Liang Zhang

Abstract: A kind of signal build mould and identification tool for roller of rolling mill was discussed. Basic algorithm of Hidden Markov model (HMM)...

Authors: Jian Wei Ji, Ming Hu Xu, Zheng Ming Li

Abstract: Chlorophyll fluorescence (CF) has become a powerful tool in plant photosynthesis research and stress detection, considered a rapid, highly...

Authors: Wei Xia Zhan, Ji Wen Tan, Yan Wen

Abstract: At the basis of the adaptive lifting wavelet transform, a method was proposed for solving the problem of noise suppression of the wire rope...

Authors: Hai Yan Xing, Da Bo Wu, Li Hong Zhang, Min Qiang Xu

Abstract: Metal magnetic memory (MMM) method, based on the magneto-elasticity and mechanical effect theory, is a new nondestructive testing...

Authors: Xiao Jun Wu, Shu Dong Sun, Jin Wen Zhang

Abstract: In order to realize remote monitor to the motion controller, a smart motion device with SIMOTION motion control system is researched. The...

Authors: Yao Bin Hu, Xia Yue, Chun Liang Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, an approach of rolling bearing fault diagnosis based on artificial immune system (AIS) is presented. The features extracted...

Authors: Ying Tie, Ping Xu, Jiang Yi Chen

Abstract: General expressions of crack perturbations are given with perturbation method. With the delta function to express the crack position at the...

Authors: Jing Liu, Hai Peng Ji, Qing Xiang Zhu

Abstract: In the process of equipment fault evolution, equipment's attrition probability is different, namely selective attrition may be produced....

Authors: Wen Li Zhao, De Gang Liu

Abstract: The fatigue life prediction and reliability analysis of dynamic systems under random excitement are important topics in modern engineering...

Authors: Xiao Nan Zhang, An Xin Liu, Qing Zhen Gao, Xing Qing, Xing Chang

Abstract: It exists in complexity and fuzziness in structure and failure character of engineering machinery complex system. To solve the problem,...


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