Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Xiang, Shi Xi Yang

Abstract: Based on a Jeffcott rotor system with rigid support, the math models of flexural and torsional vibration were built, and their vibration...

Authors: Bing Cheng Wang, Zhao Hui Ren

Abstract: Simulated four different fault signals in the lab, the authors then used wavelet scalogram and amplitude spectrum to make analysis on the...

Authors: Sheng Li, Chun Liang Zhang, Xia Yue

Abstract: To effectively avoid the loss of useful information, in this paper, feature information has been extracted from the fault signal of rotating...

Authors: Guang Jun Hua, Yun Xin Wu, Shuai Wang

Abstract: Concrete pump truck is a kind of mobile construction machinery, with the characteristic of complex structure, poor working condition and...

Authors: Hong Bin Tang, Yun Xin Wu, Chang Xun Ma

Abstract: Inner leakage of hydraulic cylinder is a very serious failure in the hydraulic system and it can lead to many problems.A important fault...

Authors: Deng Wan Li, Hong Li Gao, Yun Shou, Peng Du, Ming Heng Xu

Abstract: In order to accurately estimate tool life for milling operation, a novel tool condition monitoring system was proposed to improve...

Authors: Hong Li Gao, Si Tu Yu, Deng Wan Li, Xi Xi Wu, Ming Heng Xu

Abstract: In order to estimate and predict the screw performance in the process of machining, a screw life monitoring system was built. Current signal...

Authors: Hou Yao Zhu, Chun Liang Zhang, Xia Yue

Abstract: This paper mainly introduced the basic theory of Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and Support Vector Machines (SVM). HMM has strong capability of...

Authors: Xiao Bin Hong, Gui Xiong Liu, Jian Long Xu

Abstract: The interoperability among diversified ubiquitous sensor network platforms can be solved well by employing XML technology. According to the...

Authors: Wei Min Wang, Zheng Qiu Xin, Wei Zheng An

Abstract: In this paper, a modeling about centrifugal compressor axial displacement fault diagnosis is proposed through investigating on the...


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