Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Xu, Xue Xun Guo, Jian Liu

Abstract: Energy regenerative suspension can transform the shock energy produced in the driving process into electrical or hydraulic energy. This...

Authors: Dong Mei Yuan, Xiao Mei Zheng, Ying Yang

Abstract: Through analyzing the motion when motorcycle runs on the bump road, the 5-DOF multi-body dynamics model of motorcycle is developed, the...

Authors: Suo Huai Zhang, Ming Wei Wan

Abstract: In order to analyze impacting characteristics of a metro vehicle, the impacting governing Eq. is established, in which, nonlinear stiffness...

Authors: Ling Xin Geng, Li Juan Zhang, Ren Zhi Wu

Abstract: The performance of HPS directly influences the comfort of vehicle, dynamic load of wheels and travel distance of suspension. In order to...

Authors: Chuan Qi Fu, Zhou Wang, Bin Li, Chi Yu

Abstract: For a certain type of automobile disc brakes, brake discs and friction linings were modeled by Pro/E. The dynamics simulations of braking...

Authors: Wu Bin Xu, Peter J. Ogrodnik, Mike J. Goodwin, Gordon Bancroft

Abstract: From a manufacturing viewpoint, the manufacturing tolerances of a hydrodynamic journal bearing system are inevitable. To examine and...

Authors: Hui Ping Zheng

Abstract: Rotor systems applied widely in industry are nonlinear dynamic systems of multi-degree of freedom. They must be not only stability but also...

Authors: Fang Wen, Gan Wei Cai, Yuan Ni, Hai Xia Zhang

Abstract: Internal parallel moving gears transmission is a new type of planetary transmission with small tooth number difference. The dynamic model of...

Authors: Kang Yang, Yi Yang

Abstract: A new simulation method is proposed for dynamic characteristics of cracked rotor based on the finite element analysis, in which the...

Authors: Wei Xing Xu, Shou Qi Yuan

Abstract: The flow formulation was founded as console formulation, and with the body-fitted coordinate system and standard k - ε turbulent model, the...


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