Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Bo Yang, Ai Ju Liu, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: Brazing diamond wheel was carried out via laser in an argon atmosphere. The interfacial microstructures among brazed diamond, the filler...

Authors: Hong Xiang Yang, Bo Wen Cheng, Zhen Huan Li, Kun Mei Su, Qiang Guo, Pu Han

Abstract: MCM-41 functionalized by 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTMS) and 3-chloropropyltriethoxysilane (CPTMS) was synthesized, which had been used...

Authors: Lian Deng Wang, Ding Yi Zhu, Zhe Liang Wei, Li Guang Huang, Wei Song, Yong Lu Chen

Abstract: The effect of Ce2O3 on the fabrication of the Al-Ti-C-RE refiner prepared by adding a powder mixture of potassium titanium fluoride and...

Authors: De Qiang Wei

Abstract: In this paper, the low alloy bainite ductile cast iron has been obtained by a new heat treatment technique of the step austempering in...

Authors: Da Long Li, En Lin Yu, Zhou Tong Liu

Abstract: This paper studied the pulse generator and conductive device between metal wire and electrode for electroplastic wire drawing. We adopted...

Authors: Ai Qin Wang, Jing Pei Xie, Wen Yan Wang, Ji Wen Li, Luo Li Li

Abstract: A rapid-solidified hypereutectic Al-21Si-0.8Mg-1.5Cu-0.5Mn alloys strips has been prepared by single roller melt-spinning. The effects of...

Authors: Le Hua Yu, Hui Ou, Shuang Xi Zhou

Abstract: The experimental data about concrete incorporating perlite admixture revealed that perlite admixture in content of 10%-20% replacing cement...

Authors: Yuan Bin Zhang, Hui Luo, Tong Guang Zhai

Abstract: The population and size of porosities in three kinds of cast aluminum alloys, i.e. A713, A356T6-1 and A356T6-2, were statistically measured...

Authors: Jian Li, Zhi Xiong Huang

Abstract: LPMC specimens were burned in an oven at 500oC for 3h to obtain the fiber images by a scanner. The fiber distribution and orientation was...

Authors: Shao Qiang Yuan, Guo Li Liang

Abstract: The microstructure of Mn-Mo-Nb-B microalloyed steel was investigated under different cooling rates after austenitic deformation by using...


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