Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Chang Qu, Xiao Zhou Xia, Hong Yuan Li, Zhi Qiang Xiong

Abstract: The mechanical behavior of polymer–matrix composites uniaxially reinforced with carbon or glass fibers subjected to compression/tension...

Authors: Xiao Ming Sang, Peng Wu, Xing Gang Chen, Gui Xiang Hou

Abstract: The well-dispersed core-shell nanospheres (TiO2-g-PS) were synthesized via nano-TiO2 grafting polymerization and were used to prepare...

Authors: Qi Wei Guo, Jia Lu Li, Guo Li Zhang, Ye Hong He, Ming Zhang, Li Chen

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the processibility of 6421 bismaleimide (BMI) resin for resin transfer molding (RTM) process and...

Authors: You Xi Lin, Cheng Hui Gao, Yuan Li

Abstract: The tribological properties of PEEK composites filled with CaCO3 whisker in various content of 0-30%(weight percent) were investigated.The...

Authors: Deng Wei Zhang, Xin Ying Teng, Bo Li, Wen Jie Zhang

Abstract: Cu-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) with 5 mm in diameter were synthesized by copper mold casting. The effects of tin (Sn) addition on...

Authors: Yu Zhou Sun, Dong Xia Li, Hui Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a boundary element-free computational method for the fracture analysis of 2-D anisotropic bodies. The study starts from...

Authors: Jun Tian, Wen Fang Li, Shou Yan Zhong, Ji Hua Peng

Abstract: AZ91 magnesium matrix composite was fabricated by squeeze infiltration process. The aluminum silicate short fibers were used as...

Authors: Jian Hua Zhong, Zhi Hong Li, Ling Yu Ouyang

Abstract: In this experiment, the micro copper powders with high temperature of oxidation resistance were prepared by coating with 2 wt.% of silane...

Authors: Rui Peng Tong

Abstract: Sliding wear was investigated for ZrO2 ceramics against M50 bearing steel under vacuum condition. The research was studied on the ball-disk...

Authors: Yu Lin Yang, Da Peng Gu, Wei Deng

Abstract: Three weaves (plain, twill 1/3 and satin 8/3) of hybrid kevlar/PTFE fabric composites were selected for investigating the influence of...


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