Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bai Lin Fan, Ling Qi Meng, Zhong Fu Li

Abstract: The flow stress of hot deformation about 0Cr13Mn stainless steel was experimentally studied by A Gleeble1500 thermo-mechanical simulator....

Authors: Xiu Xu Zhao

Abstract: Grinding is one of the important machining processes for the WC-Co carbide product. Different grinding strategies will have different impact...

Authors: Yu Zhou Gao, Jiang Tao Wang, Shi Yong Liu, Hui Chen Zhang

Abstract: Two kinds of ceramic additives have been developed that one is the serpentine particles and another is a blend of serpentine particles and...

Authors: Yong Hu

Abstract: The Semi-Solid Processing technology is an innovation manufacturing process. The filling capacity of the semi-solid metal has very important...

Authors: Wei Chen Shi

Abstract: Damage distribution and evolution of the HRR field are characterized by means of a two-scalar damage variable approach under the...

Authors: Tao Ye, Hai Lun Yang

Abstract: As technology develops, digital image processing technology has become a new method for studying particle property and a necessary means for...

Authors: Yun Li Feng, Meng Song, Jing Bo Yang

Abstract: Precipitation characteristics of second phase in low-carbon steel produced by FTSR technology have been researched by TEM and EDS in this...

Authors: C.B. Shen, Y. Chen, J.P. Ge

Abstract: At the ambient temperature, in the 0.2 M NaHSO3 and 0.6 M NaCl solution, by gravimetric test, potentiodynamic polarization curve test and...

Authors: Shao Qun Zhang, Wei Xu, Zhao Xin Meng

Abstract: Wood cell images are observed by the In-Situ SEM plays a very important role in wood structure. Because of the nature of cell image,...

Authors: Ju Bin Gao, Yang Wei Wang, Ling Yu Zhang, Guo Feng Han, Fu Chi Wang

Abstract: Adhesive is an important part of ceramic-metal composite armor. In order to obtain excellent ballistic performance, some adhesive with a...


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