Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hong Ma, Wen Zhi Zhang, Wei Chen, Shi Ping Chao

Abstract: In this paper, the standard genetic algorithm is modified based on the deduction of Rolle theory. A kind of genetic algorithms is set up....

Authors: Li Zhu, Wen Shan Lian, Fei Wang

Abstract: Design is a philosophy, is a building integrated system database, It is an emerging form of construction industry, but BIM itself on case...

Authors: Yan Hua Sun, Xiang Hui Liu, Fa Ming Zhou

Abstract: How to ensure the operating performance of farmer in the agricultural industrial production process is very important. This paper take the...

Authors: Ping Huo, Xiang Yang Li, Ju Han

Abstract: This passage develops a set of arithmetic process for the image of the weld seam in flanges, which suits the weld process according to the...

Authors: Xin Chun Wang, Xing Hua Ma, Bing Han

Abstract: The whole unknown parameters estimation and hypothesis testing is the most common and most commonly used statistical inference,so clarify...

Authors: Xu Juan Xu, Xiao Na Lu, Yu Xia Tong

Abstract: The apply of harmonic eauation is know to all. Our interesting is to get the regularity os their solution, recently for obstacle problems....

Authors: Hong Yan Xu

Abstract: Direct drive wind power system need full-scale high power converter, such as flying capacitor multilevel converter. On the realization of...

Authors: Dong Lu, Jian Guo Dai

Abstract: Moves the multimedia studies is one kind of new study form. Today which in the Internet high speed development, the multimedia technologies...

Authors: Man Zhu, Gen Cang Yang, Li Juan Yao, Yao He Zhou

Abstract: The influence of T6 heat treatment on the microstructures and aging precipitation in the grain-refined A356 alloys were investigated....

Authors: Chang Shi Liu, Liu Xun Li, Jun Wu

Abstract: The vehicle routing problem with backhauls (VRPB) is considered in this paper, and an effective tabu search is proposed for VRPB to minimize...


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