Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Li, Zhen Gang Zhang, Ning Yan

Abstract: Generally, the power load forecasting sequence has stochastic growth and nonlinear wave characteristics, grey SVM can effective reflect the...

Authors: Yan Juan Zhang, Chun Yan Ding, Shao Hong Yan, Ying Yu, Jin Ying Zhang, Hui Juan Zhao

Abstract: The dynamical behavior for nonautonomous is complicated.So, even if some basic concepts in the dynamical theory for nonautonomous systems...

Authors: Jian Kang Liu, Hong Bing Luo, Gu Huang, Xiao Ling Liu, Mei Li, Jie Liang

Abstract: The urban surface runoff pollution is a very complicated process of multimedia, spatiotemporal multidimensional and multi-pollutants. On the...

Authors: Yan Zhang

Abstract: This paper investigates a comprehensive system to apply the spatial-temporal grid method based on a visual, virtual model to collect...

Authors: Yong Qian Liu, Zi Chan Tian, Fen Hua Li, Jian Xing

Abstract: The accurate prediction of the wind energy distribution over terrains is important for making an appropriate selection of a suitable site...

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Yi Ming Chen

Abstract: The fast multipole boundary element method (FM-BEM) has been successfully applied to 2D and 3D large scale elastostatic problems and...

Authors: Zhi Gao Liao, Zhi Ping Lu, Chen Yu Lu, Wen Fang

Abstract: This paper uses GMDH method to establish a prediction model to forecast the output value of transport&storage of Guangxi in China, since the...

Authors: Shu Juan Yuan, Mei Xia Chen

Abstract: The second-order matrix eigenvalue problem is discussed by means of the nonlinearization of the Lax pairs,then based on the Bargmann...

Authors: Xian Min Wei

Abstract: This paper studies one method of cloud model to effectively limit the using Ant-colony Algorithm into local optimal solution, and...

Authors: Shuang Zhang, Gang Jin, Jing Xiao, Shu Li, Yu Ping Qin, Jin Hua Liu, Tao An, Wei Fan Zhong

Abstract: By analyzing and deducing generalized constraint neural network (GCNN) with model some present theories, the identification method of the...


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