Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Mei Jia, Shao Hong Yan, Cao Bing

Abstract: The article uses ferric sulfate as oxidant, and makes Galena oxidation test in the oxidation of different concentrations of medium, when pH...

Authors: Zhen Dong Li, Li Chao Feng, Shu Qing Zheng, Dian Xuan Gong

Abstract: This paper presents the cases of three Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) General Game Playing (GGP)...

Authors: Dian Xuan Gong, Ling Wang, Chuan An Wei, Ya Mian Peng

Abstract: Many calculations in engineering and scientific computation can summarized to the problem of solving a polynomial equation. Based on Sturm...

Authors: Wen Xiao He, Jing Guo Qu, Yu Huan Cui

Abstract: Using technology, cooperation among peoples, lawyers are very special, it is rare. We believe that these two professionals working closely...

Authors: Guo Li Wang, Jian Hui Wu, Yu Su

Abstract: Ant colony algorithm is a kind of effective combinatorial optimization problem solving algorithm has been increasingly, thorough research,...

Authors: Wei Chen, Bao Xiang Wang, Ying Chen

Abstract: Sulphur content in pig iron is one of the most important indices to represent the quality of liquid iron in blast furnace. In order to...

Authors: Bing Xiao, Xiao Wang, Ai Guo Shi, Ming Wu

Abstract: In order to obtain the four quadrants hydrodynamic performance of open water propeller by means of CFD, a mathematic model of three...

Authors: Gan Zhou Wu

Abstract: Compare to the sequential Broyden method, an asynchronous parallel Broyden method is presented in the paper. We suppose that we have...

Authors: Ai Jia Ouyang, Yong Quan Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, an improved particle swarm optimization-ant colony algorithm (PSO-ACO) is presented by inserting delete-crossover strategy...

Authors: Dong Jin Wang, Mei Na Song, Yan Li

Abstract: In the past several years, there have been dramatic changes on the Web services landscape.After the traditional XML-PC web service, a new...


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