Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Long, Yu Feng Zhang, Feng Hu

Abstract: Personalized recommendation methods are mainly classified into content-based recommendation approach and collaborative filtering...

Authors: Lian Jia Wang, You Zhang Zhu, Hong Xia Wang, Ben Li Liu, Jin She Yuan

Abstract: Recent achievements in III-nitride semiconductor structures growth have allowed ultraviolet (UV) photo-detectors based on these compounds to...

Authors: Xin Ma

Abstract: Benefits assignment in the construction machinery supply chain business cooperation is the crucial and the most prominent conflicts issue,...

Authors: Zhi Gao Liao, Wen Fang Liu, Shang Jun Wu

Abstract: Since the Internet users in China increased gradually, we use the Bass model to forecast the number of the Internet users in china in the...

Authors: Lu Wang, Cun Sheng Zhao

Abstract: Parametric model of floating raft vibration isolation and shock resistance system was built. Optimization techniques of exploitation...

Authors: Lu Wang

Abstract: For a class of strict-feedback nonlinear systems with unknown constant parameters, uncertainty in the input gains and standard Wiener-noise,...

Authors: Qun Wang, Wei Ping Zhang, Wen Yuan Chen, Feng Cui, Shi Peng Li, Wu Liu, Xiao Sheng Wu

Abstract: An efficient and convenient way to levitate and manipulate micro beads is reported, in which coils and soft magnetic materials are used to...

Authors: Bin Wang, Lin Zhang, Hui Yun Cao

Abstract: Time-space patterns of activity-travel are very complex, because the individual movement in time-space is a complex trajectory with many...

Authors: Xian Long Cao, Hong Da Deng, Wei Lan

Abstract: Pressure sensitive paint (PSP) has become a useful tool to measure the surface pressure distribution of aerodynamic components replacing...

Authors: Ting Yong Xing, Xu Jun Mi, Xiang Qian Yin, Bao Dong Gao, Yan Feng Li

Abstract: The objective of this work is to investigate the influence of measuring frequency on the internal friction of Ti50Ni48.5Fe1.5 shape memory...


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