Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Liang Lin, Meng Xi Zhang, Chun Cai

Abstract: In conventional reinforced soil structures, the reinforcements are often laid horizontally in the soil. In this paper, a new concept of grid...

Authors: Hong Lei Zhou, Xiao Hong Ran

Abstract: The promulgation and promotion of IEC61850 provide a basic platform for the development of the digital substation. In this paper, the...

Authors: Xiao Ming Fan

Abstract: The paper researched the electrical properties of carbon fiber graphite cement-matrix composites(CFGCC) containing carbon fiber 0.5% (mass...

Authors: Ai Hua Wu, Jing Feng Mao, Guo Qing Wu, Zhi Li, Fei Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, the design and implementation of a 12/10 poles 6-phase switched reluctance generator (SRG) drive system for hybrid electric...

Authors: Xue Song Ji, Ping Xu, Guo Chen Niu

Abstract: A visual-based autonomous motion planning algorithm is designed to guide the robot to take the elevator autonomously. The floor chosen...

Authors: Ying Huang, Qi Jun Luo, Qing Ji Gao

Abstract: Redundant data and extra time cost are always exist when the autonomous mobile robot gathers and calculates localization information, using...

Authors: Xin Ma

Abstract: In a supply chain, different companies have different, even conflicting goals and make decisions based on their own profit, so the...

Authors: Jing Yu Han, Wang Qun, Chuan You Li, Zhang Hong Tang, Mei Wu Shi

Abstract: In this paper, a new genetic algorithm method to optimize the frequency selective surface(FSS) is presented. The optimization speed and...

Authors: Zhang Hong Tang, Wang Qun

Abstract: In this paper, a method to simulate the absorbing effectiveness of spherical particle absorber is presented and the effect of the diameter...

Authors: Yu Bao, Bo Li, Yi Ran Guan, Gui Fu Yang

Abstract: This paper introduced a new method for detection of amphetamine based on the Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) techniques. Experimental...


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