Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Ping Wang

Abstract: The investment model of stochastic neutral technical progress is given in this paper. The main purpose of this paper is to consider the...

Authors: Yung Cheng Lee

Abstract: The well-known password authentication mechanisms are widely used in networks to protect resources from unauthorized access. The ad hoc...

Authors: Yan Ming Xiong, Zhan Ping Yang

Abstract: A novel combination method is proposed in order to efficiently combine conflict evidence. The credibility of the evidence is derived by...

Authors: Peng Wu

Abstract: With the rapid development of information technology, many changes and problems have taken place to the basic computer education. A...

Authors: Jing Jun Zhang, Zhi Qiang Xu

Abstract: Establishing a 2-DOFs of 1/4 semi-active suspension system model, using genetic algorithm approach, to design fuzzy logic controller of the...

Authors: Yu Long Wang, Zhen Qing Wang, Li Min Zhou, Hai Tao Huang

Abstract: Shape memory alloy (SMA) can be embedded into a host material to achieve shape control, damage repair and self-adaption. It is well...

Authors: You Zhou Liu, Yong Zeng, Ning Yi

Abstract: For the complexity of the environment system,a wireless sensor network paradigm based on the technique of ZigBee and GPRS for wetland...

Authors: Xiao Dan Zhang, Li Jun Zhu

Abstract: A general fusion classification model is proposed, which based on information fusion, dealing with multi-media information of WEB for...

Authors: Shi Peng Li, Wei Ping Zhang, Mu Feng Hu, Wen Yuan Chen, Feng Cui, Wu Liu

Abstract: In this research, the principle of diamagnetic levitation is described briefly. The application perspectives of diamagnetic levitation and...

Authors: Jing Jun Zhang, Zhi Qiang Xu

Abstract: The study is researched to establish a multi-body dynamic model of the Vehicle by using Adams /Car software package. Using genetic algorithm...


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