Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Wang, Hui Qin Yang, Wen Xin Zhang

Abstract: The beam shape of concrete transfer floor is completely studied. Firstly, for the system of moulding board and support frame in construction...

Authors: Yong Tang, Qiang Wu, Xiao Fang Hu, Yu Zhong Li

Abstract: The milling process of hard-to-cut material high manganese steel ZGMn13 was simulated and experimental studied based on Johnson-Cook...

Authors: Qiang Wu, Yong Tang, Yong Qiang Yang, Yu Zhong Li

Abstract: Based on quasi-stable state heat-transfer control mode, finite difference equation of thermal conductivity in laser welding is deduced....

Authors: Guang Jin Wang, Xiang Yun Kong, Yi Lei Gu, Chun He Yang

Abstract: The strength parameters of granular coarse-grained soil are the critical factor that affects the stability of ultra-high dump. The soil...

Authors: Feng Jian Shi, Si Zhen Ye, Lei Gang Wang, Sheng Lu

Abstract: The effect of friction on compression load, effective strain, damage value and maximum principal stress were analyzed by rigid-plastic...

Authors: Xiao Gui Zhang, Bo Gao

Abstract: In order to study the performance of speed feeding, an experimental feeding device was designed. The main design considerations are: Easy to...

Authors: Hong Pu Liu, Xiao Jing Li, Di Wang, Jian Sheng Tang, Xue Ling Yang, Cheng Jun Zhu

Abstract: The elastic buckling load is physically important in design of the pressure vessel with shell framework because it is actually the critical...

Authors: Xiao Hui Rong, Pan Deng, Feng Chen

Abstract: With the rapid development of the “Internet of Things” and large-scale area management, device collaboration has developed to the stage of...

Authors: Deng Xu He, Liang Dong Qu

Abstract: For integer programming, there exist some difficulties and problems for the direct applications of population migration algorithm (PMA) due...

Authors: Pan Deng, Jian Wei Zhang, Xiao Hui Rong, Feng Chen

Abstract: The modeling and simulation of large-scale Device Collaboration systems is an important issue for seamless integration and collaboration of...


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