New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Gui Tao, Hao Gu, Yan Qiu Xu, Lian Bin Ye, Qi Jin Wang

Abstract: Pb(II)-imprinted chitosan/TiO2 hybrid film (LIHF) was synthesized through a two-step process. The selectivity of LIHF was studied via...

Authors: Wei Li Li, Xi Hong Li, Pei Pei Zhang, Ya Ge Xing

Abstract: In this study, we investigated antibacterial activity of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles coated on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films against...

Authors: Chao Fang Dong, Qian Liu, Kui Xiao, Long Jiao Xu, Xiao Gang Li

Abstract: Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP) combined with Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Energy-Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) analysis were used to...

Authors: Guang Ming Zheng, Jun Zhao, Yong Hui Zhou, Zhong Jun Gao

Abstract: Si3N4-based composite ceramic tool materials reinforced with TiC0.5N0.5 particles were fabricated by using hot-press-sintering technique...

Authors: Gui Fen Li

Abstract: The thermal stability of cotton cellulose treated with chemical mixtures containing P and N was studied by thermal analysis, infrared...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Juan Yun, Ya Ge Xing, Chang Liu, Qing Lian Xu

Abstract: Microencapsulation technology is widely used in many industries recently because the stability of core material can be improved and the...

Authors: Ya Ge Xing, Juan Yun, Xi Hong Li, Qing Lian Xu, Wei Li Li

Abstract: The water-soluble sulphite was encapsulated using ethylcellulose phase separation. The effect of different process factors in the phase...

Authors: Kui Xiao, Dan Wei, Xin Zhang, Xue Qun Cheng, Jun Sheng Wu, Xiao Gang Li

Abstract: In this work, analysis was performed to investigate the reasons resulting in corrosion of 316L of heat exchanger tube in the producing...

Authors: Ying Ming Li

Abstract: FRP bolt is ideal material used for coal rib supporting. For some reasons, the FRP bolt is often affected by eccentric load which is very...

Authors: Tao Tao Qiang, Xue Chuan Wang, Xian Bo Lu, Long Fang Ren

Abstract: Hydroxyl-terminated hyperbranched polyurethane elastomer (HBPU) was synthesized by graft copolymerization of hyperbranched poly...


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